Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Best Games of the week 10.20.2008 - 10.26.2008

Game ID: 955678
Palyer: JoeJoeyJoJo
Points: 384
Hand: DWDWDW d666 d999 d222 d77
Combination: Pearl Dragon - 64
AfterFaan Laak Table - 64

Comments: It was really hard to chose this week who had the best hand for HK. There were three players with similar point values, but we decided to give Best Game of week to JoeJoeyJoJo because he/she did a combination that was not done by the others and the combination was Self Drawn.

Type: CO
Game ID: 947866
Player: Feiyan
Points: 51
Hand: b678 c234 c456 c678 d88
Combination: Pure Shifted Chows - 16
All Simples - 2
All Chows - 2
Mixed Double Chow - 1
Concealed Hand - 2
Closed Wait - 1
Flowe Tiles - 1
Flowe Tiles - 1

Comments: In CO style it was also complicated to choose the Best Game of week. Like in HK and WsoM, there were three players, all players had the same combination and points . Here we went to the following rule, the player who declared Mahjong more rapidly and more qualitatively has the Best Game . Here Feiyan did it faster with the advantage in points.

Game ID: 958269
Player: kimchan56
Points: 33000
Hand: b123 b22 b456 b567 b789
Combination: 6(yaku) Full Flush
2(yaku) Pure Straight
1(yaku) Pinfu

Comments: Our congratulation kimchan56 in this week on RCR style. A very nice hand, we are glad that you could use your knowledge in Mahjong to make this very good combination.

Type: WSoM
Game ID: 955111
Player: 4eva
Points: 135
Hand: b234 b789 c234 d234 d55
Combination: Three Similar Sequences - 35
All Sequences - 5
Concealed Hand - 5

Comments: This week has been quite complicated to choose the best hand . We had three players with the same points and almost same combinations in WSOM style. We chose 4eva to have the best game on WSoM Style this week because he/she compared with others players did it faster and the hand was concealed. Our Congratulation for 4eva.

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