Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Best Games of the week 10.27.2008 - 11.02.2008

Game Type: HK
Game ID: 961697
Player Name: monkey415
Points: 256
Hand: b19 c19 d19 DG DW DR WEWE WS WN
Combination: Thirteen Orphands - 64
After FaanLaak Table - 64

Comments: monkey415 we are glad to see you again with Best Hand of week! This is not the first time, and very surely will not be the last that you make such good combinations!

Game Type: CO
Game ID: 965377
Player Name: wongkarwai
Points: 60
Hand: d123 d22 d111 d789 d333
Combination: Full Flush - 24
Tile Hog - 2
Tile Hog - 2
Pung of Terminals or Honors - 1
Two terminal chows - 1
Last tile - 4
Flowe Tiles - 1
Flowe Tiles - 1

Comments: A good hand made by someone with good mahjong experience. Some luck was involved too, since the Full Flush was made on the last time . Wongkarwai on this week you have the best combination for CO Style. Our congratulations and good luck in future .

Game Type: RCR
Game ID: 960225
Player Name: monkey415
Points: 34000
Hand: d234 d234 d567 d789 d99
Combination: 6(yaku) Full Flush
1(yaku) Pure Double Chow
1(yaku) Pinfu
1(yaku) Riichi
1(han) Ura Dora
After Mangan Table - 4000
Riichi Bets - 1000
Uma Bonus - 9000

Comments: Monkey415 wins best hand of the week in two different sets of rules! Again demonstrating mahjong mastery! Our best regards and congratulations.

Game Type: WSoM
Game ID: 963604
Player Name: xiexienoon
Points: 455
Hand: b111 b222 b333 b44 wewewe
Combination: Three Consecutive Triples - 100
Mixed One Suit - 40
All Triplets - 30

Comments: Player xiexienoon is establishing themselves as a great WSoM player, and is a frequent winner and now he is a winner of Best Games of the Week. It is great to have such good players on our site! Our congratulations for xiexienoon.

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