Tuesday, January 03, 2006

MahjongTime Belt Ranks System!

MahjongTime has introduced a new Belt Ranks System! Starting as a white belt, all new players will have to play and work their way up through the colors of a martial arts belt just like martial artists have to train to proceed in ranks. The more a MahjongTime player plays and wins rated games, the more his rating goes up. (You can check your rating or anyone else’s rating by clicking on their portrait.) The belt ratings are as follows:

Less than 1 point - White Belt
1 - 4.99 points - One Green Stripe on White Belt
5 - 9.99 points - Two Green Stripes on White Belt
10 - 24.99 points - Green Belt
25 - 49.99 points - One Brown Stripe on Green Belt
50 - 74.99 points - Two Brown Stripes on Green Belt
75 - 99.99 points - Brown Belt
100 - 149.99 points - One Black Stripe on Brown Belt
150 - 199.99 points - Two Black Stripes on Brown Belt
200 + points - Black Belt

This Belt Ranks System acts as a visual icon of a player’s skill and knowledge. A dollar sign is also placed on a player’s belt when they play money tournaments. You can easily pick out a player who is of your skill level, and players who are interested in playing tournaments just looking at their belt.