Thursday, December 20, 2007

Profanity Filter and Auto-Ban at Mahjong Time

Have you ever been insulted or offended by someone using profanity on the chat feature? Some people use inappropriate language because they think it’s funny. Others do it to distract and up-set the opposition. Still, I think, others aren’t interested in mahjong at all and need to find a different type of site for their “creative” interests.

Mahjong Time has a profanity filter and auto-ban feature. Here’s how it works.

1) First Offense: this results in a polite request to stop unwarranted behavior.
2) Second Offense: if there is a second offense, a warning is offered and enforced.
3) Third Offense: the abuser is banned for three hours.
4) Fourth Offense: the person using profanity is again banned for three more hours.
5) Fifth Offense: the player is given a second warning, which means that these infractions are getting serious.
6) Sixth Offense: the Mahjong Time user is banned for 24 hours.
7) Seventh Offense: a final warning is given.
8) Eighth Offense: Expulsion with the member’s account being terminated.

It might seem harsh, banning someone from the sight. Then again, members are given many chances to change their behavior before that happens.

What do you think about the profanity filter and auto-ban software? Do you believe it’s necessary? Has it been helpful in providing you with a gaming platform where you feel safe and welcome? Should this feature be changed in anyway? Have you been hassled by people using inappropriate language?

We’re looking forward to your sharing your experiences, ideas and suggestions on this feature with the Mahjong Time community. Please no profane words in this blog.


Mahjong Meld

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Auto-Pass—How’s it working?

Hey there! Recently, we sent out an email to all of our friends and members concerning Mahjong Time’s new auto-pass feature. We want to know what you think of auto-pass, which is designed to keep your game moving.

The way it works is this way—if you select the auto-pass feature and then it comes to your turn, you’ll simply “pass” and the next player can then take his/her turn. If, for some reason, you get distracted from the game or forget to pass, auto-pass can be triggered, making your predetermined pass immediate and allowing the next player to take their turn.

Your friends at Mahjong Time feel that auto-pass can help make games move more quickly and smoothly, helping to eliminate some unneeded delays.

What do you think? Should auto-pass be adjusted in some way? What do you like about it? If there anything that you don’t enjoy about auto-pass? Do you use it? Why or why not and, if you do utilize this new feature, how do you think it’s working?

Simply tell all of your friends and fellow players at Mahjong Time what you think about auto-pass?

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas about the auto-pass feature at Mahjong Time. I’m looking forward to reading your comments.

Mahjong Meld

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Voice Messages—Got an Idea?

At Mahjong Time, we’re going to offer a new audio chat feature. Instead of typing your observations and responses into a chat box, you’ll be able to click on a voice message and send it to a fellow players playing at the same table.
Messages that many of you currently write when using live chat include “wd” (well done), “nh” (nice hand), “very slow,” and “be right back.” We’re planning on using all of these as audio messages.
But what other messages would you like to include in Mahjong Time’s audio chat feature? I think that “thank you” would be nice. But I think there are bound to be more and better ideas than mine.
So, tell us—what do you want to say to and hear from fellow mahjong players at your table? Your friends in the Mahjong Time community are waiting to hear from you!
Mahjong Meld