Monday, March 31, 2008

The 3 Best Games of the week 03.24.08-03.30.08

Type: HK
ID: 768366
Player: newbee2
Points: 384

Hidden Treasure - 64
No Flowers or Seasons -1

Comment: Using skill and daring, newbee2 completes a concealed combination in this game. The other players may have been close to winning, but newbee2’s aim and faith were declared winners in the end.

Type: CO
ID: 763608
Player: BPAMG
Points: 50

Pure Straight - 16
Last Tile - 4
All Chows - 2
One Voided Suit - 1
Mixed Double Chow - 1
Flowers - 2

Comment: WOW!!! How eloquently the player's skills are displayed in this game! BPAMG was going consciously to a painful final, but his faith carried him through!

Type: JM
ID: 766667
Points: 16000
Player: alexchong

All Ends - 4 hans
Dora Tiles - 3
Seat Wind - 1

Comment: This was an elite game, with 4 of the most known players competing at the table. The best chance to win came at the beginning of the game for alexchong, as the pairs came in and helped him announce mahjong first. A notorious game!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 03.17.08 - 03.23.08

Game ID: 759341
Game Type: HK
Player: kenkarrie
Points: 256

pung hand - 3
one suit only - 6
flower of own wind - 1

Comment: Even though kencarrie is a new registered player, he/she demonstrated great skill in the most recent game played. Excellent job Kencarrie! You will get better with each game!

Game ID: 760273
Game Type: CO
Winner: Aqua888
Points: 50

Seven Pairs - 24
No Honors - 1
Flower Tiles – 1

Comment: This was a game of pairs! Luck was on Aqua888's side for sure! The game started with 3 pairs and then the game offered up 2 more pairs...for even more LUCK! All in all, there were 7 pairs, making it an awesome game where luck played a huge part. Good game Aqua888!

Game ID: 759092
Game Type: JM
Winner: ayenlbk
Points: 32000

Four Winds - 13 hans

Comment: I enjoy playing against skilled players and I feel that the game itself helps to ensure that only skilled players will continue playing. In this game ayenlbk definitely demonstrated his skill...eventhough he only registered a month ago! it is definitely ayenlbk's skill that has him winning games so soon!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 03.10.08-03.17.08

Game ID: 754772
Game Type: HK
Winner: kimchan56
Points: 384

Three Great Scholars

Comment: Because of one players' mistake, everyone else suffered! Ryantay was in such a hurry to throw down the dragons and start with the Winds. He should have just waited and been patient. O well - Next time we will be victorious!

Game ID: 753991
Game Type: CO
Winner: fawn314

Pure Straight - 16
Fully Concealed - 4
One Voided suit - 1
Mixed Double Chow - 1
Edge Wait - 1
Flowers - 3

Comment: Everyone gets LUCKY every once in awhile....right?! So today was fawn1314's lucky day! With a little patience, a lot of game play and keeping your fingers crossed - we all might WIN this easily one of these days! Good Luck to Everyone!

Game ID: 752752
Game Type: JM
Winner: moum
Points: 24000

Half Flush-2 hans
Dora Tiles - 3
Table Wind-1
Seat Wind-1

Comment: "'s really not fair when you are about to declare Mahjong and then suddenly someone else says it right before you! Moum and bettysun43 are both great players, but sometimes it just comes down to the luck of the tiles. Hopefully the luck of the tiles will be with bettysun43 in the next game so that she can have her WIN too!"

Software Updates Designed to Enhance Your Gaming

MahjongTime has added a bunch of new and revised features to make online game play easier and more enjoyable! Check it out and see for yourself!
The tables and tiles now have a totally new look !...and you can now see each players’ discards. There is a new voice message feature…it’s pretty cool, you should try it!
New rule sets make it easier to enhance your world rankings – of course we all want that!
The Belt Systems for the Japanese Modern and American Modern styles of mahjong have changed.
It’s now easier than ever to find players. You can select a language so that from that point on all games will naturally start in your preferred language.
There are new practive modes, scoring, and demo presentations.
In the Chinese Official Mahjong, you can now keep the Flower/Season tiles.And…
These are just a few of the improvements that has made in an effort to create a better mahjong community for everyone! As always, there will always be more features that you wish to see – so keep us informed and let us know so we can get working on it and maintain our status as the #1 Mahjong Online Gaming Community!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Announcing the Three Best Games of February

Game ID: 710162
Game Type: HK
Player: ryantay
Points: 384

Pearl Dragon – 64

Comment: Ryantay used and utilized every tile for what was a beautiful and a rare kind of win. The player stayed on target, playing well and making a wonderful mahjong for their victory.

Game ID: 717656
Game Type: CO
Winner: Aqua888
Points: 156

Full Flush -24
Pure Straight -16
Tile Hog -2
Self Drawn -1
Flowers Tiles -2

Comment: This game was interesting, as all players were worthy of a win, making correct choices in collecting tiles and creating combinations. But it was Aqua888 who made the big splash and took the victory. In the end, the others did not have a chance.

Game ID: 710110
Game Type: JM
Winner: macao
Points: 32000

FourClosedSets - 13 hans
Reach - 1 hans

Comment: This type of risky play, where a competitor conceals everything and tries to collect a complex combination, can be precarious. But this time it proved to be exactly what was needed. We really like the winner’s style. Nice move, macao!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 03. 03. 08 - 09. 03 .08

Game ID: 747074
Game Type: HK
Player: reforder
Points: 384

pung of dradons-1
pung of the wind of the round-1
pung hand-3
one suit and honors-3
self drawn last tile-1
flower of own wind-1

Comment: Normally a game starts with several pairs in a hand and you make Pungs until the end. But you have to control what’s going on and formulate the correct decisions. Hope alone won’t do it. Reforder played this one right! If you do not control what is going on, then hope won’t help.

Game ID: 748890
Game Type: CO
Winner: Dina514
Points: 55

7 pairs - 24
all types – 6

Comment:This was a very lucky start, but the player still had to finish the game. Dina514 did finish with a winning combination. Good game!

Game ID: 748442
Game Type: JM
Winner: sekc
Points: 24000

Full Flush 5 hans
Dora Tiles - 6 hans

Comment: Very nice hand! Nobody prognosticated that this contest would end with such vivacity and flare. As the game neared completion, everyone was poised to win but only one said “mahjong!” Congratulations, sekc.

The best 3 Games of the week 02. 25. 08 - 03. 03 .08

Game ID: 741735
Game Type: HK
Points: 256

Combinations: Pearl Dragon - 64

Comment: A very Professional Game!AUGUSTARIS was lucky in chosing the specific type of tiles, mainly these tiles were less thrown.The other players could throw only the tiles they had collected and they did not get the necessary tiles because somebody already had them.The game was wonderful!

Game ID: 738194
Game Type: CO
Winner: jennylim
Points: 68

Full FLush - 24
Pure Shifted Chows - 16
Tile Hog - 2
Single Wait - 1
Flower Tile – 1

Comment: This game has something peculiar, ryantay tries to collect a Mixed triple Chow with Terminals, at the same time, unwillingly giving bamboos to jennylim.After that jennylin makes a successful Full Flush.

Game ID: 736110
Game Type: JM
Winner: blossommonk
Points: 32000

Greater Colors - 13 hans

Comment: The same situation as in other games, june960 is waiting for characters but in the end got the tuiles blossommonk needed.A complete misfortune 3 times in range for blossommonk.