Monday, March 31, 2008

The 3 Best Games of the week 03.24.08-03.30.08

Type: HK
ID: 768366
Player: newbee2
Points: 384

Hidden Treasure - 64
No Flowers or Seasons -1

Comment: Using skill and daring, newbee2 completes a concealed combination in this game. The other players may have been close to winning, but newbee2’s aim and faith were declared winners in the end.

Type: CO
ID: 763608
Player: BPAMG
Points: 50

Pure Straight - 16
Last Tile - 4
All Chows - 2
One Voided Suit - 1
Mixed Double Chow - 1
Flowers - 2

Comment: WOW!!! How eloquently the player's skills are displayed in this game! BPAMG was going consciously to a painful final, but his faith carried him through!

Type: JM
ID: 766667
Points: 16000
Player: alexchong

All Ends - 4 hans
Dora Tiles - 3
Seat Wind - 1

Comment: This was an elite game, with 4 of the most known players competing at the table. The best chance to win came at the beginning of the game for alexchong, as the pairs came in and helped him announce mahjong first. A notorious game!

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