Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Software Updates Designed to Enhance Your Gaming

MahjongTime has added a bunch of new and revised features to make online game play easier and more enjoyable! Check it out and see for yourself!
The tables and tiles now have a totally new look !...and you can now see each players’ discards. There is a new voice message feature…it’s pretty cool, you should try it!
New rule sets make it easier to enhance your world rankings – of course we all want that!
The Belt Systems for the Japanese Modern and American Modern styles of mahjong have changed.
It’s now easier than ever to find players. You can select a language so that from that point on all games will naturally start in your preferred language.
There are new practive modes, scoring, and demo presentations.
In the Chinese Official Mahjong, you can now keep the Flower/Season tiles.And…
These are just a few of the improvements that MahjongTime.com has made in an effort to create a better mahjong community for everyone! As always, there will always be more features that you wish to see – so keep us informed and let us know so we can get working on it and maintain our status as the #1 Mahjong Online Gaming Community!


Anonymous said...

So far, no one I've played with likes the new tiles - they are way too small and too dark. Also, the board gets very cluttered with all the discards.

Anonymous said...

the slowness is a pain! especially at the end of each game when the winning hand is being revealed (and/or all hands) - such a very slow motion! please fix this. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am surprised to find here only a few comments, because the changes are radical and made a great impact on the game we used to.

By now the biggest problem with it for me is flowers discard in CO: it is against all rules that the player cannot replace flowers before the first discards.

Anonymous said...

SLOOOOW...not fun anymore!
Tiles WAY too small, especially the distant ones, and too dim. I can no longer use my laptop to play. No one I have played with has anything but complaints about the changes. The voiced comments are a joke--only used for fun because game is so slow now.

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed to see the switch to the new set up. The tiles are too small, you cant move the tiles on the rack, which i find important, and it goes slower, especially at the end when hands are shown. All the tiles in the center are too much, and it's better to not see what people are discarding.
Go back to the way it was. The only thing I like is the voices feature.

Anonymous said...

My comment on the changes:
- it is to busy on the board, you can see the discards perfectly with the game helper.
- can't sort my tiles one by one so this is no enhancement at all.
- can't see the open tiles of my opposite player, tiles to small.
- flashing names are only distracting.
- the flowertile thing is very confusing (I threw away a plum...)

So please.....I know you mean weel, but not every change is for the better!


Anonymous said...

Listed below are 9 reasons I DISLIKE the new site features, ALL of which add up to my biggest complaint..


I've only played here for just over a month... and now questioning if I should even bother with the annual membership!!

The new features are NOT beneficial to me as a player. None of the them have ENHANCED the game play for me. I REPORTED A BUG, from one game and don't understand how you can reply by saying, that the "new features" are from "Players Requests"... non of the players I play with seem very happy with the changes!!

1.Discards on Table.. Cluttered & Confusing... Not needed as use of Game Helper on right is ALL that's required.

2.Exposed tiles display... tiles WAY TO SMALL & unable to see tiles exposed on opposite side of table. What is the reason for any of the exposed tiles to be on it's side??


4. The new tile SIZE is too small... there was no reason to change from original size.. that was perfect.

5.Does not make sense that when a player wants to get a JOKER by replacing it with a FLOWER... that it has to be the SAME FLOWER... there are only 2 of each flower... that's NOT in the rules & ruins the reason for being able to exchange a tile for a joker in the first place... THIS HAS TO BE CORRECTED!!

6.When a game ends.. it's AGONY waiting to see the hands... it takes 4 times as long ... a WASTE OF TIME... FOR WHAT?


8.The Smiley Faces & Sounds are simply ANNOYING.. they sound over any tile that's being called and some players just keep hitting sayings thinking it's fun, but I finally had to TURN OFF MY SOUND!

9. The little marque lights around the player who's turn it is.. WHO CARES?? again, UNNECESSARY!

I'd rather the site developers work on us not being disconnected, than giving us little lights....
the tiles are the important part of the game.. NOT A TALKING SMILEY FACE!!

Maybe you should set up a SURVEY... I think you'll discover the changes weren't necessary!!

MahjongTime said...

Dear Mahjong Members,

The staff at MahjongTime.com wanted to take the time to express our appreciation for your suggestions concerning some of our recent upgrades. We analyzed the issues that our members have raised and wanted to share our responses with you.

Many members have voiced concerns regarding how the new animations have slowed the game down. We’ll be correcting this feature so the game runs smoother and faster.

We will correct the issue of a player not being able to replace Flower tiles before the first discards.

Mahjong Time will also make it possible for players to move tiles within their racks.

Some players are having difficulty seeing the smaller, darker tiles. We will be changing the viewing angle and the tile shades in the game interface to improve visibility.

Finally, discards on the table will be a personal option. Players will be able to personalize their gaming experience and choose whether or not they want to see discards in their games.

All of these changes and improvements will be implemented in approximately two weeks.

Thank you for helping to make MahjongTime.com the most successful mahjong site on the Internet. We continue to dedicate ourselves to improving this site in an effort to give you the best possible gaming experience.


The Staff at MahjongTime.com

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of these errors! I needed 1 more tile to MJ. I clicked on Joker and clicked on it to "put Joker" but it didn't & it discarded the tile that I needed for my pair. The next person discarded the tile that I would have MahJongged on! Tis has happened several times now since the so-called improvements that you made. Why couldn't you leave the things that did work alone & just fix the things thatdidn't work? The smiley is dumb but OK-leave it. The new tiles are small but OK-leave it. We can't move our tiles but OK-leave it. But we shouldn't be able to see what each player discards. Let it be on the table if you want but mix the tiles up or something. And the slowness is ridiculus. MahJongg is supposed to go quickly. What are you thinking? My membership is to be renewed in June. I will not renew if these things are not fixed and I won't be recommending the site to others as I had been doing. Thank you for allowing me to write this.

MahjongTime said...

Here at Mahjong Time, we are always dedicated to providing the best Online Mahjong experience for our players. Player feedback is greatly appreciated by Mahjong Time, as we constantly change and improve our services. Recently, we have been working hard to improve in ways you, the players, have suggested. Those improvements have all been combined together to make the most recent Mahjong Time upgrade, just released.
Here are some of the latest enhancements:

1. Flower Replacement in CO

Users will have the ability to replace all of their flowers/seasons before the game starts (right after distribution).
Each player will have 10 seconds to decide which flowers/seasons to replace or keep in their hand before the game begins.
The ability to replace or discard flowers/seasons during the game still remains.

2. Exchange Jokers in AM

No difference between flowers in AM game.
Any flower can be replaced with a Joker defined as another flower.

3. Charleston AM

The Charleston now works faster, especially when playing with a bot.

Manual Tile Sorting in all Game Versions

You are now able to sort tiles manually within your rack.

4. Change in AM and HK Discards

The discards in AM and HK games are now not sorted by players, but are placed on the table in not organized order

5. Improvements to the Performance of the Entire Game

The game now runs faster and smoother on all computers.

6. Show Discards on the table as a Personal Setting

Players have the ability to choose whether or not they want to see the discards on the table during game play.
This is a personal setting named "Discards on the Table" available in the Settings window.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated by Mahjong Time. Please continue to voice your opinions and give us your thoughts about the game!

Princessb said...


Dear AM players and the Team at MahjonggTime:
I would like to add my comments on the New System at Mahjonggtime. I have been playing for a while now, and have seen the system undergo many changes over that time. Every system needs time to cultivate and I want to address the negative responses. American Mahjongg requires more time and effort than the other games do. Because there is an Annual score card for Rules the game has to adapt more than HongKong/Japanese or CO. In addition to the changes made yearly there are certain hands that require special treatment. AM players know what I'm talking about.
It took Mahjonggtime about 2 weeks to get the system running correctly. AND boy, did they succeed. Yes, there are still a few bugs left BUT Slava and his team are dedicated to making those changes as quickly and efficiently as possible. It's sad that so many players have been critical, so soon after a new change takes place. I have been very impressed with Slava and his team for some time now. I have always felt that they have been in communication with us as players have always wanted the best for the game. To be so negative so soon, is to be totally unfair to MJT.
The changes to the game as I see have been the following: The tiles have been made larger and clearer, especially viewing the exposed tiles from the player directly across from you.
2) The Joker/Flower situation has been taken care of.
3) Jerry is more speedy than ever before. This is very important as he is much needed if a 4th player is not available. And thank Goodness he NEVER WINS.
4) The dealing of the tiles is lightening fast. I heard a player comment today that the only thing wrong is that it's so fast, he doesn't have time to get his second cup of coffee!!!
5) They have corrected the discard problem if you needed to discard a joker.
6) They have added two new games for our gaming pleasure. This is a bonus
7) They have added American to the practice rooms.
I know there is much more I can write about, but I want to addess especially the communication that I have always felt is very important. I have been in communication with Slava and his team and I have never once felt neglected or slighted in any way. They are truly dedicated to making this the best Mahjongg website on the web, and I believe that have succeeded.
We as American players have a lot of wonderful changes to look forward to. The new 2008 card will be up and running in a matter of weeks, as opposed to last year when it wasn't until June the card was posted. It's very confusing for those AM players who play live Mahjongg to be juggling the 07 and 08 card and having to switch your brain accordingly. American Mahjongg is foreign to MJT and they have done the best job they can do to make it a very important part of the Mahjongg Family. Here in America ...most players are familiar with only one type of game, so it's of particular interest that some have been able to expanded our horizons and branch out into the CO/HK and JM world.
Thank you Slava and your Team. You have done a great job in listening to all our negative comments and taken the game to another level. I wish you all wonderful success and a website full of happy players.

Anonymous said...

I have been very impressed that I have been receiving feedback when I have sent in a bug report. This tells me that you are indeed listening and making the necessary changes and I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Jeanette, I believe they have always been listening but things like this take time. I think we should all cut them a little slack and realize that these are people creating these games, NOT Jerry the bot.

Anonymous said...

What is the time frame for the 2008 launch??

Anonymous said...

I have been told it will be any day now. Good luck to all AM players..

Anonymous said...

I agree with PrincessB: it's time to give credit where credit is due.

I, too, was not pleased with the major upgrade at first. But we gave our feedback to MJT and they fixed the major problems (visibility of tiles, game speed, and the manipulation of flowers/seasons in CO) in less than a month.

That update still contained a CO flowers bug -- a different one -- and just this morning another update was installed, and while we have yet to test it thoroughly, it appears that bug was improved or fixed.

Also, I can now see whether the opponent opposite to me discards the tile s/he drew or not.

It's likely that other bugs will appear in time: that's how software development goes. MJT has shown us, however, that they are working hard to address issues as they become aware of them.

Let's continue to point out our problems as players to the MJT staff, but perhaps we could do so in a spirit of community, and with a humble heart.....?

MahjongTime said...

the latest Mahjong Time improvements:

American Modern Mahjong is now played by the NMJL card 2008.

All hands will be played from the new 2008 card. NMJL 2007 will not be supported anymore.
All of the AM practice levels include new combinations from 2008 card. Try to compose the new AM hands with our bots!

The American Modern Score Page has been updated with new combinations.

All of the text in the Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified flash game is now in Chinese.

Smart help for AM and WS has now been updated.

The Tournament page has been improved

The Terms and Conditions for the WSoM Online Qualifiers 2008 have been updated

Your feedback is greatly appreciated by Mahjong Time. Please voice your opinions and send us your thoughts about the game!

Sincerely, The MahjongTime.com Staff