Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 03.17.08 - 03.23.08

Game ID: 759341
Game Type: HK
Player: kenkarrie
Points: 256

pung hand - 3
one suit only - 6
flower of own wind - 1

Comment: Even though kencarrie is a new registered player, he/she demonstrated great skill in the most recent game played. Excellent job Kencarrie! You will get better with each game!

Game ID: 760273
Game Type: CO
Winner: Aqua888
Points: 50

Seven Pairs - 24
No Honors - 1
Flower Tiles – 1

Comment: This was a game of pairs! Luck was on Aqua888's side for sure! The game started with 3 pairs and then the game offered up 2 more pairs...for even more LUCK! All in all, there were 7 pairs, making it an awesome game where luck played a huge part. Good game Aqua888!

Game ID: 759092
Game Type: JM
Winner: ayenlbk
Points: 32000

Four Winds - 13 hans

Comment: I enjoy playing against skilled players and I feel that the game itself helps to ensure that only skilled players will continue playing. In this game ayenlbk definitely demonstrated his skill...eventhough he only registered a month ago! it is definitely ayenlbk's skill that has him winning games so soon!

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