Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 03.10.08-03.17.08

Game ID: 754772
Game Type: HK
Winner: kimchan56
Points: 384

Three Great Scholars

Comment: Because of one players' mistake, everyone else suffered! Ryantay was in such a hurry to throw down the dragons and start with the Winds. He should have just waited and been patient. O well - Next time we will be victorious!

Game ID: 753991
Game Type: CO
Winner: fawn314

Pure Straight - 16
Fully Concealed - 4
One Voided suit - 1
Mixed Double Chow - 1
Edge Wait - 1
Flowers - 3

Comment: Everyone gets LUCKY every once in awhile....right?! So today was fawn1314's lucky day! With a little patience, a lot of game play and keeping your fingers crossed - we all might WIN this easily one of these days! Good Luck to Everyone!

Game ID: 752752
Game Type: JM
Winner: moum
Points: 24000

Half Flush-2 hans
Dora Tiles - 3
Table Wind-1
Seat Wind-1

Comment: "Wow...it's really not fair when you are about to declare Mahjong and then suddenly someone else says it right before you! Moum and bettysun43 are both great players, but sometimes it just comes down to the luck of the tiles. Hopefully the luck of the tiles will be with bettysun43 in the next game so that she can have her WIN too!"

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