Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Release Announcement - The wall tile on the top or the side/ Projecting the in-game chat during the game/ Live Game Archive Chat/ Viewers during the game

Today we are super excited to announce the latest improvements to the Mahjong Time's EON platform.

The wall tile on the top or the side 
The newest mahjong software is bringing players closer to the real game viewing experience. Just like in the actual mahjong game, the incoming tile from the wall can go on the upper part of your hand or the side. If you like having the tile on the right side of your hand, then you can go to game setting and uncheck "The tile from the wall on the top."

The Wall Tile on The Top of Your Hand

Game Settings

Projecting the in-game chat during the game

Mahjong Time enables players to keep their eyes on the board by projecting the in-game chat to their field of vision during the game.
Now players do not have to open the side panel to chat with their opponents and spectators during the game. You can see and reply to chat messages right from the game screen.  If like having the in-game chat as before click "U" when your keyboard is active, and the chat will disappear from the gaming screen.  To make the keyboard active click anywhere on the gaming table.

Live Game Archive Chat/ Viewers during live games

The live game archive is a new cool feature that lets the spectators chat with the players during multi deal games while the players are still playing the game. The spectators have an option to watch previous deals of the archived game with all hands open while the game is still in play, and the number of specators/viewers is displayed on the left side of the game screen. Click 'Watch' button in the game lobby and then select review and you will access the live archive.

Game Lobby/Live Archive

New Sounds - Time Limit and Wall Tile or from the Hand

Added warning sounds when a player is nearing the time limit per move. 
Also, discarding a tile from the wall or from the hand have different sounds. Thus, one can notice not only by looking at  player's hand which tile was discarded, but also by listening to the game sounds.