Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Best Games of the Week 07.21.08 - 07.27.08

Type: HK
ID: 864940
Points: 128
Winner: TwoFour
One suit and Honors 3
Pung Hand - 3
Little Three Dragons - 4
Pung Of Dragons - 1
Pung Of Dragons - 1
Comment: One of the fastest and most interesing games. Luck shined on TwoFour, but kimchan56 also was waiting for mahjong. he wasnt so happy when TwoFour declared mahjong from his discarded tile. However, Bravo to all players, very good game!!!

Type: CO
ID: 869021
Points: 51
Winner: kiwichan
Greater Honors and Knited Tiles - 24
Comment: Very good game, 2 players collected Greater Honors and Knited Tiles but only kiwichan declared mahjong. Once player also could not declare bad mahjong, he collected dots. Rare luck for such result, bravo kiwichan!!!

Type: JM
ID: 871223
Points: 18000
Winner: june960
Full Flush - 5
Straight - 1
Comment: Interesting and long game. Good tiles came to june960 and continued, but needed tiles for declaring pung or chow, didnt come so fast. Kimchan56 wasn't so succesful in this game and tried to collect pung hand. Good game, bravo june960!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Best Games of the Week 07.14.08 - 07.20.08

Type: HK
ID: 863837
Points: 384
Winner: ndman
Jade Dragon - 64
Flower of Own Wind - 1
Comment: Interesting tiles came to ndman at the beginning of the game, and during the game
he formed his hand well. This game tried his patience, but ndman came through. 2 of the players had collected needed tiles for mahjong at the same time ndman was waiting last tile for mahjong. ndman was rewarded for his patience and last tile came to him from the wall. That was great mahjong. Bravo ndman!!!

Type: CO
ID: 860834
Points: 51
Winner: once
Pure Shifted Pungs - 24
One Voided Suit - 1
Pung of Terminals - 1
Edge Wait - 1
Comment: At beginning of the game, once got only 2 pairs and most tiles were upper 4, it was a hard way to collect a hand for mahjong, but when the third pair came (7 bamboo), it was clear that it would be a great mahjong, thats what happened. Bravo once!!!

Type: JM
ID: 859334
Points: 24000
Winner: at88888
Half Flush - 3
Three Closed Sets - 2
Colors - 1
Closed Tsumo - 1
Comment: An interesting game, at88888 had collected a concealed hand. The hand might have been ready more early, but the lucky don't hurry. When at88888 was ready, 2 of the players were ready too. So fight began, nobody knew who would declare mahjong first, but suddenly at88888 declared mahjong. It was a big surprise, because at88888 didn't declare ready for mahjong button. Bravo, at88888!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Best Games of the Week 07.07.08 - 07.13.08

Type: HK
ID: 852237
Winner: cratesweet
Pung Hand - 3
One Suit Only - 6
Season of own wind - 1
Comment: An interesting game where each player
tried to collect a hand in one suit, but misfortune
followed "TwoFour" player. He collected bamboos when was
throwing in majority characters, this way gave the needed tile
to cratesweet. This happens a lot of times with many players, that is strategy.

Type: CO
ID: 851506
Points: 55
Winner: Aqua888
Full Flush - 24
Pung of Terminals - 1
Short Straight - 1
Closed Wait - 1
Flowers - 4
Comment: Good game, pinpin and kiwichan were ready for mahjong
but Aqua888 did it earlier then others. Closed hand sometimes is more
dangerous than melded. Aqua has had the luck to demonstrate this
fact. Bravo Aqua888!!

Type: JM
ID: 857349
Points: 18000
Winner: alexchong
Full Outside - 3
Triple Run - 2
Reach - 1
Comment: An interesting game, such combination
like "Full Outside" whasn't been meet for a long time.
One important moment is that this combination
was completely formed at almost of the end of wall,
that proves us about the patience and skill of alexchong.
Bravo alexchong!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Best Games of the Week 06.30.08 - 07.06.08

Type: HK
ID: 843343
Points: 384
Winner: BettyB20
One suit only - 6
Pung Hand - 3
Self Drawn last tile - 1
Comment: Interesting game, all players were very close to mahjong.
But only one was lucky, her mahjong was sudden and with maximum points.
Bravo Betty!!!

Type: CO
ID: 849282
Points: 119
Winner: alala
All Honors - 64
Big Three Winds - 12
Two Concealed Pungs - 2
Seat Wind - 2
Prevalent Wind - 2
Dragon Pung - 2
Last Tile Claim - 8
Single Wait - 1
Comment: WOW!!! That's hand rarely met. Mahjong in honors and with the last tile from the wall. Other players were also ready for mahjong. Very nice mahjong and very interesting game. Bravo all!!

Type: JM
ID: 843285
Points: 16000
Player: itok
HalfFlush - 2
All Sets - 2
Colors - 1
Colors - 1
Dora Tiles - 3
Comment: Nice game, all players played very well, and everyone was ready for mahjong. The wall was ending, but no one wanted give up the mahjong. itok had a very small chance to win, but this time they were lucky. Bravo itok!!!