Monday, July 14, 2008

The Best Games of the Week 07.07.08 - 07.13.08

Type: HK
ID: 852237
Winner: cratesweet
Pung Hand - 3
One Suit Only - 6
Season of own wind - 1
Comment: An interesting game where each player
tried to collect a hand in one suit, but misfortune
followed "TwoFour" player. He collected bamboos when was
throwing in majority characters, this way gave the needed tile
to cratesweet. This happens a lot of times with many players, that is strategy.

Type: CO
ID: 851506
Points: 55
Winner: Aqua888
Full Flush - 24
Pung of Terminals - 1
Short Straight - 1
Closed Wait - 1
Flowers - 4
Comment: Good game, pinpin and kiwichan were ready for mahjong
but Aqua888 did it earlier then others. Closed hand sometimes is more
dangerous than melded. Aqua has had the luck to demonstrate this
fact. Bravo Aqua888!!

Type: JM
ID: 857349
Points: 18000
Winner: alexchong
Full Outside - 3
Triple Run - 2
Reach - 1
Comment: An interesting game, such combination
like "Full Outside" whasn't been meet for a long time.
One important moment is that this combination
was completely formed at almost of the end of wall,
that proves us about the patience and skill of alexchong.
Bravo alexchong!!

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