Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Best Games of the Week 04.21.08 - 04.28.08

Type: HK
ID: 789089
Points: 256
Winner: AndiGold
Combination: Ruby Dragon -64

Comment: WOW, one more Ruby Dragon. This demonstrates the role risk plays in Mahjong. And that is double pay off - in Jackpot and Monthly Best Games. This game was really a beautiful competiton between practiced players, but the luckiest and most organized player won.

Type: CO
ID: 786098
Points: 70
Winner: ubivis
Combination: Full Flush - 24
Pure Straight - 16
Tile Hog - 2
All Chows - 2
Closed Wait - 1
Flower Tile - 1

Comment: WOW, that's great. Unbelievable game. The game had just begun and no one had time to declare any pungs or chows when ubivis declared mahjong! Congrats, ubivis!!!

Type: JM
ID: 787152
Points: 18000
Winner: lilyflower1990
Combination: All Sets - 2 hans
Colors - 1 hans
Dora Tiles - 3 hans

Comment: Nice game, everyone was declaring pungs and chows. All they hoped to come at the final move before their competitors. ubivis has just declared Ready, unfortunately he got the needed tile for lilyflower1990 from the wall and lily declared mahjong. Congrats lily!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Is Mahjong Time Fair?

Mahjong Time works hard to provide the best online Mahjong experience for our players. We have programmed advanced algorithms, incorporated and updated rule sets, and taken many other steps to ensure a fair online game. But, we want to know what you think.
Is Mahjong Time a fair online Mahjong game? Do you feel as though you're playing at a real-life Mahjong table with family and friends? Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of the gaming platform? Please voice your opinions, comments, and concerns here.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Best Games of the Week 04.14.08 - 04.21.08

Type: HK
ID: 785002
Points: 192
Player: newbee2

one suit only - 6
self drawn last tile - 1
season of own wind - 1

Comment: A nice game and a competition by the rules. The risk increases when you discard tiles you don't need while another player is making pung-hands. You end up not knowing what to discard. However, newbee2 stuck to his goal to accumulate a One Suit Only combination.

Type: CO
ID: 780482
Points: 261
Player: mahjong6002

Little Three Dragons - 64
Halh Flush - 6
All Pungs - 6
Self Drawn - 1
Single Wait - 1
Flower Tiles - 1

Comment: An extremely risky Game, who anyone could have been first to declare Mahjong! The one player’s unneeded tiles became another’s pung. Two players were very close to the finish, they needed just one more tile. But only mahjong6002 was the lucky one, he was given a flower and he replaced it, and got the tile needed to declare MJ. Wonderful game!!!

Type: JM
ID: 780996
Points: 18 000
Player: june960

Full Flush - 5 hans
Dora tiles - 2 hans

Comment: WOW! One more Full Flush in JM! An interesting and competitive game; all the players made pungs and chows. june960 was waiting for the right moment, and the other players were very soon disappointed. Good Game!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Best Games of the Week 04.07.08 - 04.13.08

Type: HK
ID: 778210
Points: 256
Winner: at88888

Ruby Dragon - 64
Season of wind - 1

Comment: A very interesting game. at88888 had a very good hand with the small exception that they had to wait for the tiles to come. Near to the end of the game, 2 players were ready to declare Mahjong, but at88888 got the lucky tile first.

Type: CO
ID: 776982
Points: 331
Winner: jindu

13 orphans - 88
Flowers - 7
10 points - Wrong MJ

Comment: A wonderful Game, such things have not happened in CO for a long time! A maximum points combination leading to Mahjong Self, unbelievable! A player hastened and did not count the points properly, declared a Wrong Mahjong + 10 points. The rest of the players were prepared, but did not succeed to declare, and the necessary tile came at the last moment. Mahjong – and an unbelievable result! First position in Jack Pot is guaranteed for the next few days!

Type: JM
ID: 776680
Points: 18 000
Winner: moum

Full Flush -5
Dora Tiles - 1

Comment: This Game is special, because the players were simultaneously going towards the final, wonderful Mahjong. But only one player could win the game. The necessary tile ended up coming from the wall for moum, a frequent occurrence.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Announcing the Three Best Games of March

Mahjong Time is pleased to announce the first winners in our Best Games of the Month competition. In March 2008, there were many, many fine mahjongs, which made our decision making a difficult, interesting and rewarding process. Best Player of the Game of the Month wins a prize of $150. The winners of March 2008 are:

Game ID: 768366
Game Type: HK
Winner: newbee2
Points: 384


Hidden Treasure - 64

No Flowers or Seasons -1

Comment: Using skill and daring, newbee2 completes a concealed combination in this game. The other players may have been close to winning, but newbee2’s aim and faith were declared winners in the end.

Game ID: 748890
Game Type: CO
Winner: Dina514
Points: 55


7 pairs - 24

All Types – 6

Comment: This was a very lucky start, but the player still had to finish the game. Dina514 did finish with a winning combination. Good game!

Game ID: 759092
Game Type: JM
Winner: ayenlbk
Points: 32000


Four Winds - 13 hans

Comment: I enjoy playing against skilled players and I feel that the game itself helps to ensure that only skilled players will continue playing. In this game ayenlbk definitely demonstrated his skill...even though he only registered a month ago! It is definitely ayenlbk's skill that has him winning games so soon!