Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Best Games of the Week 04.07.08 - 04.13.08

Type: HK
ID: 778210
Points: 256
Winner: at88888

Ruby Dragon - 64
Season of wind - 1

Comment: A very interesting game. at88888 had a very good hand with the small exception that they had to wait for the tiles to come. Near to the end of the game, 2 players were ready to declare Mahjong, but at88888 got the lucky tile first.

Type: CO
ID: 776982
Points: 331
Winner: jindu

13 orphans - 88
Flowers - 7
10 points - Wrong MJ

Comment: A wonderful Game, such things have not happened in CO for a long time! A maximum points combination leading to Mahjong Self, unbelievable! A player hastened and did not count the points properly, declared a Wrong Mahjong + 10 points. The rest of the players were prepared, but did not succeed to declare, and the necessary tile came at the last moment. Mahjong – and an unbelievable result! First position in Jack Pot is guaranteed for the next few days!

Type: JM
ID: 776680
Points: 18 000
Winner: moum

Full Flush -5
Dora Tiles - 1

Comment: This Game is special, because the players were simultaneously going towards the final, wonderful Mahjong. But only one player could win the game. The necessary tile ended up coming from the wall for moum, a frequent occurrence.

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