Thursday, March 04, 2021

MES MCR Tournament

MCR stands for Mahjong Competition Rules also known as CO or Chinese official rules.

MES Tournament is a two-day-long online tournament that would take place on Saturday, March 20th, and Sunday, March 21st.

Tournament Schedule:
The organizer of this event is Organized by the Mahjong Club Mahjong En Seine - MES 

Dates and Time

March 20th, 2021Saturday - 11:00 Paris, France; 5:00 AM EST; 10:00 AM GMT 
21st, 2021
Sunday - 11:00 Paris, France; 5:00 AM EST; 10:00 AM GMT 

Server Time Zone: Pacific Time; Offset: UTC: -8:00/-7:00

Tournament Prizes

1st Place winner: 
  • $250 
  • One Year of VIP membership
  • 15,000 Golden Coins
2nd Place winner:
  • $150 
  • One Year of VIP membership
  • 10,000 Golden Coins
3rd Place winner::  
  • $100
  • One Year of VIP membership
  • 5,000 Golden Coins

Registration and Check-in:

60 minutes before the tournament starting time.  The registered players are required to check-in (login to the game) 15 minutes before the tournament starts.
Any player that won't play at the tournament for more than 26 minutes in one round may be disqualified and may not be able to join the next round of the competition. Also, your entry fee will not be refunded.


At the end of each round, each player will receive a "table point" according to the score. The table point assignment is as follows:
  • Highest score: 4 pts
  • 2nd highest score: 2 pts
  • 3rd highest score: 1 pts
  • Lowest score: 0 pt
If two (or more) players tie for a position, they share equally the added points. For example 0.5 points each (half of 1 + 0) for two players sharing the last position. Tournament rankings are determined through table points. Players with more table points in a game earn higher placement in the tournament. If a tie in table points occurs between players, the player with the highest overall score will be ranked higher. In the unlikely event that two players are tied in both table points AND overall score, the player that won more hands in the game will be ranked higher.

Table Details

Table Name:MES Tournament 
Entry Fee:*500/100 Golden Coins($5/$1)
Show Game Helper:No
Wait for Reconnect:No
Move Time:7 sec
Game Timer:100 minutes
Table minimum points:8
Player minimum belt:White Belt


*The tournament entry fee is 500 Golden Coins ($5). Mahjong Time subscribers/members receive 400 Golden Coins back to their account after successful completion of the tournament. All players MUST be the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction or at least 21 years (whichever is greater). Nobody under this age limit is permitted to the tournament. The player must be a Mahjong Time member at the time of registration.

The Tournament is played by the corresponding rules. See the game info section of this web site for a detailed description of the rules: Read MoreThe Terms and Conditions of the MahjongTime account agreement apply.