Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Best Games of the week 10.20.2008 - 10.26.2008

Game ID: 955678
Palyer: JoeJoeyJoJo
Points: 384
Hand: DWDWDW d666 d999 d222 d77
Combination: Pearl Dragon - 64
AfterFaan Laak Table - 64

Comments: It was really hard to chose this week who had the best hand for HK. There were three players with similar point values, but we decided to give Best Game of week to JoeJoeyJoJo because he/she did a combination that was not done by the others and the combination was Self Drawn.

Type: CO
Game ID: 947866
Player: Feiyan
Points: 51
Hand: b678 c234 c456 c678 d88
Combination: Pure Shifted Chows - 16
All Simples - 2
All Chows - 2
Mixed Double Chow - 1
Concealed Hand - 2
Closed Wait - 1
Flowe Tiles - 1
Flowe Tiles - 1

Comments: In CO style it was also complicated to choose the Best Game of week. Like in HK and WsoM, there were three players, all players had the same combination and points . Here we went to the following rule, the player who declared Mahjong more rapidly and more qualitatively has the Best Game . Here Feiyan did it faster with the advantage in points.

Game ID: 958269
Player: kimchan56
Points: 33000
Hand: b123 b22 b456 b567 b789
Combination: 6(yaku) Full Flush
2(yaku) Pure Straight
1(yaku) Pinfu

Comments: Our congratulation kimchan56 in this week on RCR style. A very nice hand, we are glad that you could use your knowledge in Mahjong to make this very good combination.

Type: WSoM
Game ID: 955111
Player: 4eva
Points: 135
Hand: b234 b789 c234 d234 d55
Combination: Three Similar Sequences - 35
All Sequences - 5
Concealed Hand - 5

Comments: This week has been quite complicated to choose the best hand . We had three players with the same points and almost same combinations in WSOM style. We chose 4eva to have the best game on WSoM Style this week because he/she compared with others players did it faster and the hand was concealed. Our Congratulation for 4eva.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The best games of the week 10.13.08 - 10.19.08

Game Type: HK
Game ID: 946478
Player: rachel6
Points: 384
Hand: b1 b9 c11 c9 d1 d9 DG DR DW WW WE WS WN
Combination: Thirteen Orphans - 64
After FaanLaak Table - 64

Comment: Wow , unbelievable how wonderful this combination was for player rachel6. This is really a perfect combination. Congratulations!

Game Type: CO
Game ID: 948336
Player: once
Points: 59
Hand: b22 b333 b555 b888 b999
Combination: Full Flush - 24
All Pungs - 6
Two Concealed Pungs - 2
Pung of Terminals or Honors - 1
Flower Tile - 1
Flower Tile - 1

Comment: Player once gets our congratulations! This is not the first week nor will it be the last when you have the best combination of week. We are glad for you and for your knowledge in Mahjong . Success in the future.

Game Type: RCR
Game ID: 949272
Player: monkey415
Points: 57000
Combination: Little Four Winds - 13(yaku)
After Mangan Table - 8000

Comment: Monkey415 made a very successful combination in a RCR game. It is great to have such good players on our site! You made a very good combination in perfect time .

Game Type: WSoM
Game ID: 948950
Player: xiexienoon
Points: 285
Hand: d123 d456 d789 DGDG DWDWDWDW
Combination: Nine-Tile Straight - 40
One Kong - 5
Value Honor - 10
Mixed One-Suit - 40

Comment: Pretty nice hand , made with good knowledge in mahjong . Nine tiles straight in one suit is very nice . Congratulations and good luck in future play at Mahjong Time.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The best games of the week 10.06.08 - 10.12.08

Type: HK
Game ID: 943832
Player: nrmero
Points: 256
Hand: c4444 c333 c777 c11 DRDRDR
Commbination: Ruby Dragon - 64
After FaanLaak Table - 64

Comments: Nice work nrmero! You made the "best hand of the week" for HK style . A "Ruby Dragon 64"! . With hands like that, we will surely see you listed as a winner again!

Type: CO
Game ID: 944642
Player: 1036970kl
Points: 63
Hand: b234 b345 b456 b567 WEWE
Commbination: Four Shifted Chows - 32
Half Flush - 6
Flower Tile - 1

Comments: A very impressive hand , done with very good knowledge of the rules and scoring . Good job 1036970kl on a well-played hand.

Type: RCR
Game ID: 945744
Player: jade27
Points: 33000
Hand: b555 b777 b888 c567 d33
Commbination: Three Concealed Pungs - 2(yaku)
All Simples - 1(yaku)
2(Ippatsu Riichi)
Ura Dora - 3(han)

Comments: A nice hand , done in a good time . A very interesting moment is that two players declare mahjong at the same time . Unfortunately for bettysun43 the player jade27 had a better combination . Our congratulations for jade27 .

Type: WSoM
Game ID: 943738
Player: ubivis
Points: 300
Hand: d11 d123 d345 d666 d789
Commbination: Pure One-Suit - 100

Comments: This week for WSOM rules, we had three players with the same combination, we chose ubvis because they made the combination the most quickly. Congratulations to player ubivis!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Best Games of September

Mahjong Time is pleased to announce the winners in our Best Games of the Month competition! September had many great Mahjongs! Each winner of the Games of the Month wins a prize of $150. The winners of September 2008 are:

Type: HK
Game ID: 906863
Player: monkey415
Points: 256
Hand: b11 b666 b777 b888 DGDGDG
Combinations: Jade Dragon - 64

Comments: Good hand that was completed with very good knowledge of the rules and scoring. This would be a great example for beginners who want to learn how to play expert-level mahjong!

Type: CO
Game ID: 909859
Player : mefb
Points: 153
Hand: d99 d678 d456 d111 d234
Combination : Full Flush - 24
Pure Shifted Chows - 16
Pung of Terminals or Honor - 1
Self drawn - 1
Flower Tiles - 1

Comments : In this week it was very difficult to choose who had the best hand, on the first place were five players and all of them has approximately the same combination. However, we believe that player mefb made the best hand mahjong self made in a timely manner!

Type: RCR
Game ID: 915604
Player: cobberliu
Points: 57000
Commbination: Big Three Dragons - 13 (yaku)
Dora - 3 (han)

Comments: Now this is a very impressive hand, It isn't very often that somebody makes aBig Three Dragons and more all in a very short time. Player Cobberliu again demonstrates their capabilities in RCR. A second week that he has made the best hand. Our congratulations and success in the future.

Type: WSOM
Game ID: 904505
Player: ubivis
Points: 600
All Triples - 30
Big Three Winds - 120
Value Honor - 10
Mixed One-Suit - 40

Comments: Very nice hand consisting of three winds including the wind of seat. Player ubivis shows us again that they really know how to make combinations in mahjong. This is a very capable player who has a history of impressive success at the mahjong table.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The best Games of the week 09.29.08 - 10.05.08

Type: HK
Game ID: 931310
Player: bunniecat
Points: 256
Hand: c2222 c444 c555 c666 c99
Combination: One Suit Only - 6
Pung Hand - 3
Flower of Own Wind - 1
Season of Own Wind - 1
After FaanLaak Table - 64

Comments: Very nice hand , made in only one-suit and and only with pungs. This player is certainly showcasing her skills and knowledge in HK Style . A good start for a prosperous future at Mahjong Time. Our congratulations and success in the future.

Type: CO
Game ID: 931662
Player: orchidh
Points: 52
Hand: b33 b88 b99 c88 c99 d77 d88
Combination: Seven Pairs - 24
No Honors - 1
Flower Tiles - 1
Flower Tiles - 1
Flower Tiles - 1

Comments: Orchidh already has the third occurrence of the best hand of the week, with such success you could claim the best hand of month. We are very glad we have so many good players!

Type: RCR
Game ID: 934296
Player: bro305sg
Points: 27000
Hand: d123 d678 WEWEWE DRDR DWDWDW
Combination: Half Flush - 2(yaku)
Seat Wind - 1(yaku)
Preavalent Wind - 1(yaku)
Dragon Pung - 1(yaku)
Dora - 2(han)

Comments: A very good hand , done at the perfect time . This week was another player who had Half flush but they have done it more quickly and added to their hand pung of Prevalent Wind and Dragon pung. With knowledge and good luck you have the best hand of week in RCR style. Our congratulations bro305sg!

Type: WSoM
Game ID: 938320
Player: jindu
Points: 735
Combination: Mixed Lesser Terminals - 40
One Kong - 5
Big Three Dragon - 130
Value Honor - 10
Value Honor - 10
Value Honor - 10
Mixed One-Suit - 40

Comments: This in really a very impressive hand, made in a very good time. Nice to see players still put together beautiful combinations. Nice work jindu!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The best games of the week 09.22.08 - 09.28.08

Type: HK
Game ID: 931152
Player: rice
Points: 256
Commbination: Three Great Scholars - 64

Comments: A nice hand that shows an expert knowledge in mahjong. Pung and Kong from "all dragons" is very impressive. Congratulations to player "rice".

Type: CO
Game ID: 929402
Player: orchidh
Points: 50
Hand: c11 c22 c33 d99 GDGD RDRD WNWN
Commbination: Seven Pairs - 24
One Voided Suit - 1
Flower Tile - 1

Comments: This is certainly not the first time player "orchidh" impressed us with a good combination. We are pleased to have among us such an accomplished player. For this week your hand was declared the best hand in CO style. Our congratulations!

Type: RCR
Game ID: 924081
Player: merslith
Points: 57000
Hand: b1 b9 c1 c9 d1 d99 DG RD WD WE WS WW WN
Commbination: Thirteen Orphans - 13(yaku)
Dora - 1(han)
Ura Dora - 1(han)

Comments: A very impressive hand made at the perfect time. Nice to see good players who know the rules and scoring and do not hesitate to make quality combinations.
Congratulations to player "merslith"! Thanks for playing on Mahjong Time!

Game ID: 924601
Player: jayjayyau
Points: 150
Hand: b22 c456 d123 d456 d789
Commbination : Nine-Tile Straight - 40
All Sequences - 5
Concealed Hand - 5

Comments: Congratulations to player "jayjayyau" who already for the second week has the best hand in WSoM. You played ingeniously to compose a "Nine-Tile Straight". We will see you as a "Best Games" winner very soon!