Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The best games of the week 09.22.08 - 09.28.08

Type: HK
Game ID: 931152
Player: rice
Points: 256
Commbination: Three Great Scholars - 64

Comments: A nice hand that shows an expert knowledge in mahjong. Pung and Kong from "all dragons" is very impressive. Congratulations to player "rice".

Type: CO
Game ID: 929402
Player: orchidh
Points: 50
Hand: c11 c22 c33 d99 GDGD RDRD WNWN
Commbination: Seven Pairs - 24
One Voided Suit - 1
Flower Tile - 1

Comments: This is certainly not the first time player "orchidh" impressed us with a good combination. We are pleased to have among us such an accomplished player. For this week your hand was declared the best hand in CO style. Our congratulations!

Type: RCR
Game ID: 924081
Player: merslith
Points: 57000
Hand: b1 b9 c1 c9 d1 d99 DG RD WD WE WS WW WN
Commbination: Thirteen Orphans - 13(yaku)
Dora - 1(han)
Ura Dora - 1(han)

Comments: A very impressive hand made at the perfect time. Nice to see good players who know the rules and scoring and do not hesitate to make quality combinations.
Congratulations to player "merslith"! Thanks for playing on Mahjong Time!

Game ID: 924601
Player: jayjayyau
Points: 150
Hand: b22 c456 d123 d456 d789
Commbination : Nine-Tile Straight - 40
All Sequences - 5
Concealed Hand - 5

Comments: Congratulations to player "jayjayyau" who already for the second week has the best hand in WSoM. You played ingeniously to compose a "Nine-Tile Straight". We will see you as a "Best Games" winner very soon!

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