Friday, December 30, 2016

Game Archive Viewer Updated

Mahjong Time is continually improving its EON platform, and bringing you the best Mahjong experience!

Game Archive Viewer -
The most striking change in this update is the ability to view the entire game as it unfolds. The game is presented via a camera that moves from one hand to another, same as you would watch live coverage from an offline tournament.

The multifunction control button that is used to pause/stop/move forward/move back/reload the game is transparent and located in the center of the left side of the game. Mouse over the multifunction button and it will become visible. While the multifunction control button is visible you can drag and drop the button into a different location.
Below are  the functions of the game archive that are  controlled by the multifunction game archive controller:

1. Speed - Change Play Back speed.
Available options:
1/2 - is the default option which corresponds to the half of the speed the game.
1 - corresponds to the same speed as the original game was played.
2 - is twice of the speed of the game
3 - is to replay the game tree times faster than the game was originally played.

2. Move Forward. This feature is active  only when the game is paused
3. Review the next deal. This feature also works when the game is paused.
4. Reload deal
5. Arcade Mode or Simulator.
Simulator is when the game is played with all hands closed and the camera moves from one hand to another
Arcade is when the game is played with all hands open.
6. Previous Deal
7. Move back
8. Stop/Pause the game

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Riichi Washizu Beta Marathon

Riichi Washizu Beta Marathon (the Marathon ) is a ten-day-long online tournament.
Rules: Riichi Ari Ari

Marathon Starting and Ending Dates 

Start Time: December 28th 2016
Finish Date: January 7th 2017

Server Time Zone: Pacific Time; Offset: UTC: -8:00/-7:00


First Place - One year VIP subscription, medal on the avatar
Second Place - Premium Subscription, Medal on the avatar
Third Place -  Premium Subscription, Medal on the avatar

Registration and Check-in

There is no need to pre-register for this tournament as this tournament starts as soon as four players are present at the table.

Marathon Table Details

Rules:Riichi Ari Ari
Table Name:BetaWZ-Marathon
Entry Fee:1,000 Dragon Chips
Show Game Helper:No
Wait for Reconnect:No
Move Time:8 sec
Game Timer:100 minutes
Table minimum points:1
Player minimum belt:White Belt 


a. Winner of the Season:

Score = (Average TS + Average TS Best 10 Games)/2

Average TS - the average score accumulated during the Season.
Average TS Best 10 Games - the average score of player's highest scores during 10 consecutive games.

Rank = 1000*(N-P)/(N-1)

N - the numbers of players with a minimum of 4 games in the marathon
P - players position in the marathon

b. Winner of the Beta Washizu Marathon 2016
The ultimate winner of the marathon is the player who scores the most Rank Points during the marathon


When two or more players tie for a position, the player that has more games played in the marathon ranks higher in the Marathon results.
 In the unlikely event that two or more players tie in both scores and games played, the player that has higher Mahjong Time rating is ranked higher.

Game Disqualification

At a table in which one or more player is absent for 100 or more moves is automatically disqualified and the entry fees are returned to the remaining players.

Player Disqualification

a. Temporary Suspension
The participants of the tournament receive up to two temporary 72-hour  suspensions from entering the Marathon games when the marathon players are absent from their tables for more than 100 moves during the first two rounds of the tournament match.

b. Permanent Disqualification
The participants of the competition are permanently excluded from entering the Marathon games for the whole season dues to their absence in the marathon for the third time.

Important Note: the Maraton is supported only on EON Desktop and Flash.

The Terms and Conditions of the MahjongTime account agreement apply. 

Riichi Washizu Beta Released!

The Magic of the Holidays never ends, Mahjong Time is very excited to introduce Washizu Riichi rules. Washizu riichi rules are played with some of the tiles being transparent. In this version of the Washizu game, we have half of the tiles transparent. There are two tiles in each set that are transparent. Example: two transparent white dragons, and two solid white dragons, two east winds transparent and two east winds solid, etc. Washizu rules are your chance to try to play the game with nearly perfect information!

Transparent Tiles

Just like in the real game, the online Washizu game lets you see your opponents transparent tiles. Although it is easy to see the hand of the player across, it is harder to recognize the tiles of the player who seats on your left or right. Thus, Mahjong Time added the ability for players to 'turn their head' to have a better view of player's hand who seats on the left or right.
 Click 1 to 'turn your head' to see player's hand on your left and click 2 to 'turn your head' to take a look at player's hand on your right.

Click 1 on your keyboard to look at the hand of the player on your left.

Click 2 on your keyboard to look at the hand of the player on your right. 

Moreover, the system displays on the table for short period the transparent tiles that are drawn from the wall by the player on your right or left. Thus, you do not have to 'turn your head' each time a transparent tile is taken from the wall by the players on your right or left.

Lastly,  you can always mouse over to view the tooltip, a small 'hover box' with the information about the tile you mouse over.