Sunday, September 30, 2018

Announcing Siamese Mah Jongg Beta

The game was invented by Gladys Grad, a well-known name in American-Style Mah Jongg tournaments.  Siamese Mah Jongg website:

A quick overview of online Siamese Mah Jongg and the release notes:

TWO PLAYERS / TWO RACKS EACH - Siamese Mah Jongg game is played by two players where each player plays with two hands.

SCORING – NMJL Card 2018. The payments are made at the end of the game and are based on the number of Mah Jonggs. The game is played until two Mah Jonggs are declared.
The 1st Mah Jongg by a player receives the value on the NMJL card, regardless if it is self-picked, but if it is JOKERLESS, the value is doubled

A player who declares/exposes, and wins with two (2) Mah Jonggs AT THE SAME TIME receives double the score for both hands.

ARRANGING THE TILES - Players may arrange their tiles in both their racks and may exchange tiles back and forth between their own racks. It does not matter how many tiles are on each rack at any one time. However, there is a limit of a maximum of 18 tiles that fit in one rack. To move a tile from one rack to another all you must do is drag and drop the tile you want to be moved to the position you want in another rack. Alternately, click the ‘shift’ key on your keyboard and then click the tile you like to move to another rack.

13/14 Tiles to Mah Jongg – While players can have up to 18 tiles in one rack, one can declare Mah Jongg only when in one rack are 14 tiles and another rack has 13 tiles. When you have 13 tiles in one rack and 14 tiles in another rack a green stripe is displayed in the center of the table.

Dead Hand – In this version of the game the dead hand isn’t implemented yet. We will add the possibility to declare your opponent’s hand dead in the upcoming updates.