Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 02.18.08 - 02.24.08

Game ID: 733689
Game Type: HK
Player: monkey415
Points: 256

Combinations: Thirteen Orphans - 64 fans

Comment: An interesting game, all players are skilled enough, they even show their ability of making a hand in a short period of time. But when there is a full hand, then you should be ready for anything.

Game ID: 726584
Game Type: CO
Winner: Aqua888
Points: 117

Seven Pairs -24 points
Tile Hog - 2 points
No Honors -1 points
Fully Concealed Hand - 4 points

Comment: WOW, what a Game!Nobody succeeded to declare a Pung, a Kong or even a chow. Here the luck left its’ real prints.

Game ID: 731932
Game Type: JM
Winner: ryantay
Points: 18000

Lesser Colors - 4 hans
Half Flush -2 hans
Dora tiles -1 hans

Comment: The risk is caused by hope, some players want to progress and to win. This time the risk failed, ryantay was already prepared to declare Mahjong while lilyflower1990 did not even suppose that the game will finish so soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 02.11.08-02.18.08

Game ID: 724317
Game Type: HK
Player: lilyflower1990
Points: 384

Hidden Treasure - 64
Season of own wind - 1

Comment: It's one time from a billion that happening, when needed tiles is coming without any problems. A very rarely and good hand.

Game ID: 717656
Game Type: CO
Winner: Aqua888
Points: 156

Full Flush -24
Pure Straight -16
Tile Hog -2
Self Drawn -1
Flowers Tiles -2

Comment: An interesting game, a worthy players and a correct choice of collecting tiles and combination. Partners just haven't chance to win.

Game ID: 719812
Game Type: JM
Winner: mapmap
Points: 24000

Full Flush - 5 hans
Dora Tiles - 3 hans

Comment: A rescued game with experienced players. Partners just didn't suspect that mapmap will finish so quickly with 2 declared pungs, but surprise has happened.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 02.04.08-02.10.08

Game ID: 710162
Game Type: HK
Player: ryantay
Points: 384

Combinations: Pearl Dragon - 64

Comment: This was a beautiful and a rare type of win. Well played as ryantay utilized every tile. Nice focus on creating mahjong and getting the win.

Game ID: 712814
Game Type: CO
Winner: moum
Points: 99

pure shifted chows - 16 points
all chows - 2 points
one voided suit - 1 points
mixed double chow - 1 points
last tile - 4 point
self drawn - 1 point

Comment: This game came to a fast end. Moum made quick decisions and was able to coordinate tiles efficiently. The other players decided to focus on collecting and creating their hands and got lost in moum’s rapid play. Fine strategy and excellent play!

Game ID: 710110
Game Type: JM
Winner: macao
Points: 32000

FourClosedSets - 13 hans
Reach - 1 hans

Comment: This type of high-risk play, where a competitor conceals everything and tries to collect a complex combination, rarely works. But this time it did. Nice move, macao!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 01.28.08-02.03.08

Game ID: 703428
Game Type: HK
Player: masterq
Points: 256

Combinations: Little Four Winds – 64

Comment: The top HK Cash Players were here at the table, but they were less lucky to complete such rare combinations. This time Fortune was on the part of masterq!

Game ID: 703958
Game Type: CO
Player: jenny1977
Points: 114

Combinations: Thirteen Orphans - 88 points

Comment: A beautiful game, honorable players. All intend to expose as many combinations as possible, but… there is someone with a ready concealed hand. A situation difficult to guess how close is the player with no exposed tiles to the great end of the game. And she did it - jenny1977 proved her skills again!

Game ID: 702482
Game Type: JM
Points: 24000

Combinations: Half Flush - 2 hans
All Sets - 2 hans
Seat Wind - 1 han
Table Wind 1 han
Colors 1 han
Dora Tiles 3 tiles
Base Points 20 fu
Open Set Of Ends - 4 fu
Open Set Of Ends - 4 fu
Closed Set Of Simples 4 fu
Closed Set Of Ends 8 fu

Comment: The Best JM Players gathered to show their skills in this version, but few of them were as lucky as APRILTWENTYFIFTH!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Announcing the Three Best Games of January

Game ID: 695820
Game Type: CO
Winner: jenny1977
Points: 165

Combinations: Pure Shifted Pungs - 24 points; Upper Four - 12 points; All Pungs - 6 points Double Pung - 2 points; One Voided Suit - 1 points; Pung of Terminals - 1 points; Self Drawn – 1 points

Comment: Luck comes out of the blue and can follow you everywhere and each time; this is the case of jenny1997. The other players were less lucky as the number of obstacles was greater.

Game ID: 696064
Game Type: JM
Winner: Pilipina
Points: 36000

Combinations: All Ends - 4 hans; Seat Wind -1 hans; Table Wind - 1 hans; Colors -1 hans; Single Wait - 2fu; Dora Tiles - 4 hans; Base Points - 20 fu; Open Set of Ends -4 fu; Open Set of Ends - 4 fu; Open Set of Ends - 4 fu; Closed Kan of Ends - 32 fu

Comment: A usual game with different tiles which required a right decision in a short time. Patience and strong intuition led to positive results.

Game ID: 673273
Game Type: HK
Winner: ryantay
Points: 384
Combinations: Total: 13 Orphans - 64 Flower of own wind - 1

Comment: This player showed patience and, as we all know, often patience can pay off. Although getting tiles of the same kind, he waited and was rewarded with a wonderful self-mahjong. Way to go!