Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 02.04.08-02.10.08

Game ID: 710162
Game Type: HK
Player: ryantay
Points: 384

Combinations: Pearl Dragon - 64

Comment: This was a beautiful and a rare type of win. Well played as ryantay utilized every tile. Nice focus on creating mahjong and getting the win.

Game ID: 712814
Game Type: CO
Winner: moum
Points: 99

pure shifted chows - 16 points
all chows - 2 points
one voided suit - 1 points
mixed double chow - 1 points
last tile - 4 point
self drawn - 1 point

Comment: This game came to a fast end. Moum made quick decisions and was able to coordinate tiles efficiently. The other players decided to focus on collecting and creating their hands and got lost in moum’s rapid play. Fine strategy and excellent play!

Game ID: 710110
Game Type: JM
Winner: macao
Points: 32000

FourClosedSets - 13 hans
Reach - 1 hans

Comment: This type of high-risk play, where a competitor conceals everything and tries to collect a complex combination, rarely works. But this time it did. Nice move, macao!

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