Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 02.18.08 - 02.24.08

Game ID: 733689
Game Type: HK
Player: monkey415
Points: 256

Combinations: Thirteen Orphans - 64 fans

Comment: An interesting game, all players are skilled enough, they even show their ability of making a hand in a short period of time. But when there is a full hand, then you should be ready for anything.

Game ID: 726584
Game Type: CO
Winner: Aqua888
Points: 117

Seven Pairs -24 points
Tile Hog - 2 points
No Honors -1 points
Fully Concealed Hand - 4 points

Comment: WOW, what a Game!Nobody succeeded to declare a Pung, a Kong or even a chow. Here the luck left its’ real prints.

Game ID: 731932
Game Type: JM
Winner: ryantay
Points: 18000

Lesser Colors - 4 hans
Half Flush -2 hans
Dora tiles -1 hans

Comment: The risk is caused by hope, some players want to progress and to win. This time the risk failed, ryantay was already prepared to declare Mahjong while lilyflower1990 did not even suppose that the game will finish so soon.

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