Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Announcing the Three Best Games of January

Game ID: 695820
Game Type: CO
Winner: jenny1977
Points: 165

Combinations: Pure Shifted Pungs - 24 points; Upper Four - 12 points; All Pungs - 6 points Double Pung - 2 points; One Voided Suit - 1 points; Pung of Terminals - 1 points; Self Drawn – 1 points

Comment: Luck comes out of the blue and can follow you everywhere and each time; this is the case of jenny1997. The other players were less lucky as the number of obstacles was greater.

Game ID: 696064
Game Type: JM
Winner: Pilipina
Points: 36000

Combinations: All Ends - 4 hans; Seat Wind -1 hans; Table Wind - 1 hans; Colors -1 hans; Single Wait - 2fu; Dora Tiles - 4 hans; Base Points - 20 fu; Open Set of Ends -4 fu; Open Set of Ends - 4 fu; Open Set of Ends - 4 fu; Closed Kan of Ends - 32 fu

Comment: A usual game with different tiles which required a right decision in a short time. Patience and strong intuition led to positive results.

Game ID: 673273
Game Type: HK
Winner: ryantay
Points: 384
Combinations: Total: 13 Orphans - 64 Flower of own wind - 1

Comment: This player showed patience and, as we all know, often patience can pay off. Although getting tiles of the same kind, he waited and was rewarded with a wonderful self-mahjong. Way to go!

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Anonymous said...

congrats to the our 3 champs, a special mention to lapkee for his amazing three great dragons hand, i had the luxury of witnessing lapkee's and pilipina's hands on the table. wish i could have been there for jenny's and ryan's as well.

i would have to say that ryan's hand is the best out of the lot, i have seen many 13 orphan hands, but 13 orphans waiting on all 13 tiles is something beyond rare. In some JM rules waiting on all 13 tiles is considered to be worth 2 maximum hands. well done ryan