Thursday, February 07, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 01.28.08-02.03.08

Game ID: 703428
Game Type: HK
Player: masterq
Points: 256

Combinations: Little Four Winds – 64

Comment: The top HK Cash Players were here at the table, but they were less lucky to complete such rare combinations. This time Fortune was on the part of masterq!

Game ID: 703958
Game Type: CO
Player: jenny1977
Points: 114

Combinations: Thirteen Orphans - 88 points

Comment: A beautiful game, honorable players. All intend to expose as many combinations as possible, but… there is someone with a ready concealed hand. A situation difficult to guess how close is the player with no exposed tiles to the great end of the game. And she did it - jenny1977 proved her skills again!

Game ID: 702482
Game Type: JM
Points: 24000

Combinations: Half Flush - 2 hans
All Sets - 2 hans
Seat Wind - 1 han
Table Wind 1 han
Colors 1 han
Dora Tiles 3 tiles
Base Points 20 fu
Open Set Of Ends - 4 fu
Open Set Of Ends - 4 fu
Closed Set Of Simples 4 fu
Closed Set Of Ends 8 fu

Comment: The Best JM Players gathered to show their skills in this version, but few of them were as lucky as APRILTWENTYFIFTH!

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