Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hot Keys

Hot Keys
This update allows the game to be played solely by using your keyboard alone!

The list of keyboard shortcuts:

Activate Keyboard - Mouse click on the table

Deactivate Keyboard - Mouse click on action menu deactivates the keyboard shortcuts

Spacebar - pass or discard a tile from your hand

Enter -  claim Chow, Pung, Mahjong, a self Mahjong/Kong or Riichi

Left and Right Arrows - Select appropriate action menu options(Chow, Pung, Kong, Mahjong) or choose a tile to discard

Down Arrow - places the cursor in the middle of your hand.

American Mah jongg
Charleston - Underlined letters and numbers in menus and dialog boxes options correspond to the keyboard keys you must press to emulate mouse clicking of the same menu item or dialog box option. 

E - Underlined letter “E” is the Enter key on your keyboard. Enter key is used during the Charleston to exchange tiles

Y/N - Y and N keys on your keyboard are used to say yes or no to the next Charleston

0/1/2/3 - Numbers from 0 to 3 are used to declare the number of tiles you will be changing during the pass across

0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 - Numbers from 0 to 8 on your keyboard are used to specify the number of flowers to be replaced.
Flowers - Select a flower tile and then use arrow keys to discard or replace the flower tile.