Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Mahjong Time Features!

Dear Mahjong Time Players,

We are bringing to your attention that soon we will have our system improved with multiple interesting features and a new game interface!
We would like to introduce our players to the changes before the release and "listen" to their opinions via our Blog. You can discuss and bring new thoughts by posting your comments on the feature to the corresponding post.

Dragon Chips and Golden Coins

With the new system we are introducing an internal currency consisted of: Dragon Chips (DC) and Golden Coins (GC).
Dragon Chips are a type of currency used within the game. Dragon Chips are used as entry fee for Fun Games.
All the players receive Dragon Chips daily if the amount of Dragon Chips in their accounts is less than 1000 Dragon Chips. Free Players receive 1000 Dragon Chips per day. Premium Users receive 1000 Dragon Chips 3 times a day and VIP members receive Dragon Chips 5 times per day! You can also Convert Golden Coins to Dragon Chips at a conversion rate of 1 Golden Coin for 100 Dragon Chips.
The Fun Games require an amount of Dragon Chips to be joined: 100, 200, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 5000, 10000
For example: The Prize Fund for a 100 DC Fun game wil be: 100*4=400-% depending on the membership type of the winner.
Each type of member has a certain rake that is applied to his winning pot.
Rake from Dragon Chips is taken from the winner(s) as follows:

The rake for Free Players is 15% so if the game had an entry fee of 100 Dragon Chips – and you won while being a Free Player – you will receive 340 Dragon Chips. If you are a Premium Player you would get 380 Dragon Chips – a 5% rake applied to the pot. A VIP Player would receive the full winning pot of 400 Dragon Chips – with no rake applied to it!
Golden Coins are a type of internal currency that can be used to enter certain tournaments and purchase unique avatars. You can play Fun Games by converting Golden Coins to Dragon Chips, also you can prove your uniqueness by creating your custom avatar in the Virtual Shop.
Golden Coins can be purchased in the Cashier menu at a rate of 100 Golden Coins=$1

The conversion table between Dragon Chips and Golden Coins is:

New Jackpot structure

The new Jackpot will be available for the following Mahjong styles: Hong Kong, Riichi Competition and Taiwanese Mahjong.
The Jackpot for each style is divided by entry fees into 5 levels each covering games with certain entry fees:

Note: Each level of Jackpot is separate. You can participate in multiple levels!
For example if you play one $1 cash game and one $5 cash game as result you become participant in two levels of Jackpot (Copper and Bronze).
Choose a level, play games in that entry fee range and win – all it takes is to be active for just a few hours!
Jackpots for each style and level last for 6 hours. The Schedule is as follows:

You can play for and win multiple Jackpots in just a few hours!

Reward Points System

Similar to our old Cash Rewards Program, the Reward Points System is a reward counter for Cash players. For each dollar spent playing cash games/tournaments you receive 1 Reward Point. Only games with $1 entry fee and higher are counted.
The Reward Points you accumulate all count towards your Crown – every cash game you play – with entry fees from as low as $1 – all take you closer to your next crown tier. All your Reward Points go towards your crown and they do not expire.

Each Tier level has unique benefits for players including special promotion offers, tournament registration discounts, and other exclusive offers for the higher tiers:

At the end of each month, the accrued Reward Points are converted to either Golden Coins or Cash(Converting to cash option is only available within 14 days after the end of the month in which you accrued the Reward Points. After 14 days the accrued Reward Points can only be converted to Golden Coins). As soon as you gather 1000 points or more you can credit your Reward Points to either Cash or Golden Coins by using the Redeem Points button in the My Account section.You can get additional benefits for monthly achievements:
Play Cash Games – Earn Reward Points – and get free money and Golden Coins when you need them!

Virtual Shop

Our Advanced Avatar Shop has now changed to Virtual Shop with a few differences: There will be more categories (World Wide, Anime, Animal, Aliens, Fairy Tales, Caricatures) and a wider range of avatars and accessories!

The full set of Avatars is available for all the players (Free, Premium and VIP) but each type of membership has its benefits in what concerns the Virtual Shop. There is a certain discount available to various types of memberships.
Every type of player can use the VS, can have up to 5 Avatars in their collection:

Free Players:
  • No Discounts on avatars and accessories
  • No Free avatars or accessories

Premium Players:

  • Discounts on avatars and accessories
  • Free avatar slot with up to 9 free accessories!
  • Up to 5 slots to save your avatars!


  • The lowest prices on all avatars and accessories!
  • Two avatar slots with 9 free accessories each!
  • Can save up to 5 avatars!
  • Can upload his own personal image as an avatar!
Here is how the Virtual Shop looks like:

Golden Coins are used as currency in the Virtual Shop. Each element and character has its price. For example:

Prove your uniqueness with your own avatar and have fun with the Virtual Shop!

Friday, September 04, 2009

The Best Games of August 2009

Type: HK
Game ID: 1418028
User Name: yy44
Points: 384MS
Wall: 24
Hand: d333 d66 d777 d888 DWDWDW
Combination: 64 Perl Dragon

Comments: This month yy44 made a lot of marvelous mahjongs with the combinations with the highest score. He is really the best HK player in August.


Type: CO
Game ID: 1432324
User Name: once
Points: 318MS
Wall: 40
Thirteen Orphans – 88
Last Tile – 4
Fully Concealed Hand -4
Flowers – 1x2

Comments: I would say: no comments!!! This was the greatest CO hand of August. Without doubts.


Type: RCR
Game ID: 1397071
User Name: mapmap
Points: 41000
Wall: 25
Combination: 13(yaku) All Honors
2(han) Dora

Comments: Very impressive game, combination from All Honors is very rarely meet. The player must have some qualities to make such a combination, like: good base of knowledge, experience and of course must be very lucky.


Type: TW
Game ID: 1421398
User Name: apie
Points: 66MS
Wall: 52
Hand: B2B2 B5B6B7 C2C3C4 C1C2C3 C4C5C6 C7C8C9
Chow Hand -3
Three Chows of one suit – 10
No Honors – 1
Out on a one chance chow – 1
Fully Concealed Hand – 3
Flower – 1
Winning – 2
Dealer's Bonus - 3

Comments: Who said that chows can not make you the leader? apie becomes the best TW player of August with this hand.

The Best Games of the Week 08.24.09 - 08.30.09

Type: HK
Game ID: 1441145
User Name: yy44
Points: 192MS
Wall: 36
Hand: C6C7C8 C3C3C3 C6C6C6 C7C8C9 C2C2
One Suit Only -6
Self drawn – 1
Flower of own Wind -1 32:
After FaanLaak Table

Comments: It was hard to determine the best HK hand for this week. There were 8 identical combinations with the same score, but this game is the best one!


Type: CO
Game ID: 1432324
User Name: once
Points: 318MS
Wall: 40
Thirteen Orphans – 88
Last Tile – 4
Fully Concealed Hand -4
Flowers – 1x2

Comments: Great Hand! Waiting for the last East Wind – very risky.


Type: RCR
Game ID: 1440178
User Name: jade27
Points: 33000
Wall: 29
Hand: B2B3B4 B6B7B8 C3C4C5 D6D7D8 C8C8
Pinfu – 1yaky
All Simples – 1 yaku
Red Five – 1 han
Riichi – 1 yaku
Dora – 3 hans Ura
Dora – 1 han

Comments: A simple chow hand with the maximum points on this week. Bravo jade27!


Type: TW
Game ID: 1440726
User Name: newbee2
Points: 54
Wall: 24
One Suit and Honors – 10
Melded Kong -1
Pung of Honors – 1x2
Self Draw – 1
Flowers – 2
Winning – 2

Comments: Very good hand with Dragons and one suit Only. Very impressive play.