Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Virtual Shop

Our Advanced Avatar Shop has now changed to Virtual Shop with a few differences: There will be more categories (World Wide, Anime, Animal, Aliens, Fairy Tales, Caricatures) and a wider range of avatars and accessories!

The full set of Avatars is available for all the players (Free, Premium and VIP) but each type of membership has its benefits in what concerns the Virtual Shop. There is a certain discount available to various types of memberships.
Every type of player can use the VS, can have up to 5 Avatars in their collection:

Free Players:
  • No Discounts on avatars and accessories
  • No Free avatars or accessories

Premium Players:

  • Discounts on avatars and accessories
  • Free avatar slot with up to 9 free accessories!
  • Up to 5 slots to save your avatars!


  • The lowest prices on all avatars and accessories!
  • Two avatar slots with 9 free accessories each!
  • Can save up to 5 avatars!
  • Can upload his own personal image as an avatar!
Here is how the Virtual Shop looks like:

Golden Coins are used as currency in the Virtual Shop. Each element and character has its price. For example:

Prove your uniqueness with your own avatar and have fun with the Virtual Shop!


tarabarsky said...

Should I loose my current avatar then? I would like to keep my current avatar which was made through the current Avatar Shop. Please!

Anonymous said...

why can we just have a real shop so it will attract more players to compete for more play and points so they get the prise they want?

Slava Novozhenya said...

You should be able to keep your older avatar