Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Jackpot structure

The new Jackpot will be available for the following Mahjong styles: Hong Kong, Riichi Competition and Taiwanese Mahjong.
The Jackpot for each style is divided by entry fees into 5 levels each covering games with certain entry fees:

Note: Each level of Jackpot is separate. You can participate in multiple levels!
For example if you play one $1 cash game and one $5 cash game as result you become participant in two levels of Jackpot (Copper and Bronze).
Choose a level, play games in that entry fee range and win – all it takes is to be active for just a few hours!
Jackpots for each style and level last for 6 hours. The Schedule is as follows:

You can play for and win multiple Jackpots in just a few hours!


Anonymous said...

Assuming CO cash games are still available, will the rake be lowered since there is now no associated jackpot?

Also are there any plans to allow for EC or AM cash games?

Anonymous said...

Are the Jackpot games points also added to the guilds? It encourages more players to play cash games if CO, AM and EU are also have Jackpots.

Slava Novozhenya said...

The rake is lowered, and it decreases further on higher entry fee games. Currently there are no plans to allow EC and AM cash games,and JackPot games scores are not added to guild scores.