Monday, March 10, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 02. 25. 08 - 03. 03 .08

Game ID: 741735
Game Type: HK
Points: 256

Combinations: Pearl Dragon - 64

Comment: A very Professional Game!AUGUSTARIS was lucky in chosing the specific type of tiles, mainly these tiles were less thrown.The other players could throw only the tiles they had collected and they did not get the necessary tiles because somebody already had them.The game was wonderful!

Game ID: 738194
Game Type: CO
Winner: jennylim
Points: 68

Full FLush - 24
Pure Shifted Chows - 16
Tile Hog - 2
Single Wait - 1
Flower Tile – 1

Comment: This game has something peculiar, ryantay tries to collect a Mixed triple Chow with Terminals, at the same time, unwillingly giving bamboos to jennylim.After that jennylin makes a successful Full Flush.

Game ID: 736110
Game Type: JM
Winner: blossommonk
Points: 32000

Greater Colors - 13 hans

Comment: The same situation as in other games, june960 is waiting for characters but in the end got the tuiles blossommonk needed.A complete misfortune 3 times in range for blossommonk.

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