Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Announcing the Three Best Games of February

Game ID: 710162
Game Type: HK
Player: ryantay
Points: 384

Pearl Dragon – 64

Comment: Ryantay used and utilized every tile for what was a beautiful and a rare kind of win. The player stayed on target, playing well and making a wonderful mahjong for their victory.

Game ID: 717656
Game Type: CO
Winner: Aqua888
Points: 156

Full Flush -24
Pure Straight -16
Tile Hog -2
Self Drawn -1
Flowers Tiles -2

Comment: This game was interesting, as all players were worthy of a win, making correct choices in collecting tiles and creating combinations. But it was Aqua888 who made the big splash and took the victory. In the end, the others did not have a chance.

Game ID: 710110
Game Type: JM
Winner: macao
Points: 32000

FourClosedSets - 13 hans
Reach - 1 hans

Comment: This type of risky play, where a competitor conceals everything and tries to collect a complex combination, can be precarious. But this time it proved to be exactly what was needed. We really like the winner’s style. Nice move, macao!

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