Monday, March 10, 2008

The best 3 Games of the week 03. 03. 08 - 09. 03 .08

Game ID: 747074
Game Type: HK
Player: reforder
Points: 384

pung of dradons-1
pung of the wind of the round-1
pung hand-3
one suit and honors-3
self drawn last tile-1
flower of own wind-1

Comment: Normally a game starts with several pairs in a hand and you make Pungs until the end. But you have to control what’s going on and formulate the correct decisions. Hope alone won’t do it. Reforder played this one right! If you do not control what is going on, then hope won’t help.

Game ID: 748890
Game Type: CO
Winner: Dina514
Points: 55

7 pairs - 24
all types – 6

Comment:This was a very lucky start, but the player still had to finish the game. Dina514 did finish with a winning combination. Good game!

Game ID: 748442
Game Type: JM
Winner: sekc
Points: 24000

Full Flush 5 hans
Dora Tiles - 6 hans

Comment: Very nice hand! Nobody prognosticated that this contest would end with such vivacity and flare. As the game neared completion, everyone was poised to win but only one said “mahjong!” Congratulations, sekc.

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