Monday, April 07, 2008

Announcing the Three Best Games of March

Mahjong Time is pleased to announce the first winners in our Best Games of the Month competition. In March 2008, there were many, many fine mahjongs, which made our decision making a difficult, interesting and rewarding process. Best Player of the Game of the Month wins a prize of $150. The winners of March 2008 are:

Game ID: 768366
Game Type: HK
Winner: newbee2
Points: 384


Hidden Treasure - 64

No Flowers or Seasons -1

Comment: Using skill and daring, newbee2 completes a concealed combination in this game. The other players may have been close to winning, but newbee2’s aim and faith were declared winners in the end.

Game ID: 748890
Game Type: CO
Winner: Dina514
Points: 55


7 pairs - 24

All Types – 6

Comment: This was a very lucky start, but the player still had to finish the game. Dina514 did finish with a winning combination. Good game!

Game ID: 759092
Game Type: JM
Winner: ayenlbk
Points: 32000


Four Winds - 13 hans

Comment: I enjoy playing against skilled players and I feel that the game itself helps to ensure that only skilled players will continue playing. In this game ayenlbk definitely demonstrated his skill...even though he only registered a month ago! It is definitely ayenlbk's skill that has him winning games so soon!

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