Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Best Games of the Week 07.21.08 - 07.27.08

Type: HK
ID: 864940
Points: 128
Winner: TwoFour
One suit and Honors 3
Pung Hand - 3
Little Three Dragons - 4
Pung Of Dragons - 1
Pung Of Dragons - 1
Comment: One of the fastest and most interesing games. Luck shined on TwoFour, but kimchan56 also was waiting for mahjong. he wasnt so happy when TwoFour declared mahjong from his discarded tile. However, Bravo to all players, very good game!!!

Type: CO
ID: 869021
Points: 51
Winner: kiwichan
Greater Honors and Knited Tiles - 24
Comment: Very good game, 2 players collected Greater Honors and Knited Tiles but only kiwichan declared mahjong. Once player also could not declare bad mahjong, he collected dots. Rare luck for such result, bravo kiwichan!!!

Type: JM
ID: 871223
Points: 18000
Winner: june960
Full Flush - 5
Straight - 1
Comment: Interesting and long game. Good tiles came to june960 and continued, but needed tiles for declaring pung or chow, didnt come so fast. Kimchan56 wasn't so succesful in this game and tried to collect pung hand. Good game, bravo june960!!!

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