Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Voice Messages—Got an Idea?

At Mahjong Time, we’re going to offer a new audio chat feature. Instead of typing your observations and responses into a chat box, you’ll be able to click on a voice message and send it to a fellow players playing at the same table.
Messages that many of you currently write when using live chat include “wd” (well done), “nh” (nice hand), “very slow,” and “be right back.” We’re planning on using all of these as audio messages.
But what other messages would you like to include in Mahjong Time’s audio chat feature? I think that “thank you” would be nice. But I think there are bound to be more and better ideas than mine.
So, tell us—what do you want to say to and hear from fellow mahjong players at your table? Your friends in the Mahjong Time community are waiting to hear from you!
Mahjong Meld


Anonymous said...

Who has Start button?

Very nice hand!

Do you know how to play American MahJongg?

Do you have the NMJL Card?

Please leave the game, the robot can take over for you.

Where are you from?

Do you play MahJongg live?

Don't see any other AMer's on

Is Jerry OK?


Wish this site would fix the distribution of the Jokers

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Thanks for the game!

Nice to see you again!

play again?

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Everyone

Where y'all playing from?

Anonymous said...

I don't have sounds on when playing and i don't like the computer taking over the chatting.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a card for American Mah Jongg?

Anonymous said...

American Mah Jongg is different from Hong Kong version. Do you know how to play?

Anonymous said...

faster please

what's that means?


oh, I see

Anonymous said...

An option to choose for sound or text, separate from normal announcing of tiles and another for just the 5 necessary words.
An option to block the chat (some are chatting away all game about nothing and I don't want to be bothered with it)
Th word "Hu" instead of "Mahjong" in CO (how to pronounce, ask Japio. He has a perfect soundbite).