Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Best Games Contest: JM Game, Week of Jan 7, 2008

Game ID: 675844
Winner: alexchong
Points: 24000
Combinations: Half Flush - 2 hans; All Sets - 2 hans; Colors - 1 han; Dora Tiles - 3 hans; Base Points - 20 fu; Open Set of Ends - 4 fu; Open Set of Simples - 2 fu; Open Set of Simples - 2 fu; Open Kan of Ends - 16 fu
Comment: This game proved that patience can win out. All the dots seemed to be connected for everyone at the table with chows and pungs waiting to be declared. But there was a complicated barrier that only the most patient player broke through. Solid, disciplined and interesting game.

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