Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Best Games of the Week 08.02.08 - 08.08.08

Type: HK
ID: 883161
Winner: Lauyea
Points: 256
Thirteen Orphans-64
After FaanLaak Table-64
Comment: The wish to win and patience – this is the way to a "lucky day" and in this game, Lauyea proved that he has such qualities.

Type: CO
ID: 882867
Winner: 0livCash
Points: 117
Thirteen Orphans-81
Last tile -27
Flower Tiles-13
Comment: Luck comes out when you do not expect it. Thirteen Orpahans a rare combination but 0livCash managed to create it. Well done!!!!

Note: This Best Game was changed because we found that 0livcash had made a better hand that week. Contrats again, 0livcash!

Type: RCR
ID: 878987
Winner: at88888
Points: 21000
5 (yaku) Full Flush-27
1 (han) Red Fives - 64
1 (han) Dora -59
3000 After Mangan Table
3000 Riichi Bets
Comment: A complicated situation and a big risk, however the final was excellent.

Type: WSoM
ID: 882671
Winner: ubivis
Points: 300
100- Pure One Suit [2.1.2]
Comment: It's one time in a billion that you collect Pure One Suit. A very rare and good hand.

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