Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Best Games of Week 09.15.08 - 09.21.08

Type: HK
Game ID: 920470
Player: CafeSua
Points: 384
Hand: d234 d66 d345 d789 d678
Combination: One Suit Only - 6
Chow Hand - 1
Self-drawn last tile - 1
Flower of Own Wind - 1
Flower of Own Wind - 1
After FaanLaak Table - 64

Comments: Our congratulations to player CafeSua ! It is the first time when they made the best hand of the week, and it was self drawn! It is very important to know the scoring and rules, with such knowledge anyone can become an experienced player! We wish you good luck in the future!

Type: CO
Game ID: 917834
Player: orchidh
Points: 52
Hand: d345 d77 d234 d888 d567
Combination: Full Flush - 24
All Simples - 2
Short Straight - 1
Flower Tiles - 1

Comments: A good hand that was completed in a short amount of time. In this week we had some similar hands like this one, but Player orchidh made it faster than normal!

Type: RCR
Game ID: 917957
Player: itok
Points: 42000
Combination: 13 yaku big Three Dragons

Comments: Wow! Very impressive! Player itok again showed us her skills in mahjong. This is not for the first time she demonstrates a beautiful hand. We already had a similar hand on the last week made by cobberliu, however is not so easy to do without knowing the rules and scoring of Big Three Dragon . Our cogratulations to player itok , you made the best hand of the week!!

Type: WSoM
Game ID: 919790
Player: jayjayyau
Points: 255
Hand: b11 b123 b456 b789 WSWSWSWS
Combination:Nine-Tile Straight - 40
One Kong - 5
Mixed One-Suit - 40

Comments: Very nice hand, completed in a good amount of time! The player shows good knowledge in mahjong. One suit from 1 to 9 bamboo and one kong from winds is very nice.
Congratulations to player jayjayyau, who was one of our players at the World Series of Mahjong!

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