Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The best games of the week 11.10.08 - 11.16.08

Type: HK
Game ID: 976222
User Name: jc1978
Points: 384
Hand: b333 c11 c888 d111 d777
Combination: Hidden Treasure - 64
After FaanLaak Table - 64

Comments: Very nice hand, and a very rare combination! To complete a hand like this requires good knowledge of the rules and scoring . Our Congratulation for player jc1978.

Type: CO
Game ID: 977816
User Name: astroma
Points: 52
Hand: b11 b333 c333 c111 d123
Combination: Lower Tiles - 24
Double Pung - 2
Pung of Terminals or Honors - 1
Flower Tiles - 1

Comments: Have not seen this combination completed for a long time. It is encouraging to see players that can make the "Lower Tiles". Astroma , our congratulations!

Type: RCR
Game ID: 979056
User Name: ubivis
Points: 33000
Hand: b567 b88 c567 d567 d678
Combination: 2(yaku) Mixed Triple Chow
1(yaku) Pinfu
1(yaku) All Simples
3(han) Red Fives
2(yaku) Ippatsu Riichi
1(han) Dora
After Faan Mangan Table - 4000
Uma Bonus - 9000

Comments: Player ubivis again wins the best hand of the week with their quality knowledge of RCR style. This certainly will not be the last note we congratulate such a strong player. Our congratulations and good luck in future .

Type: WSoM
Game ID: 976389
User Name: 1036970kl
Points: 255
Hand: c44 c111 c888 DRDRDR WNWNWNWN
Combination : One Kong - 5
All Triples - 30
Value Honor - 10
Mixes One Suit - 40

Comments: For this week in WSOM style games, we chose the game with more points. Player 1036970kl made a good hand in just the right amount of time.

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