Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Best Games of the week 12.15.08 -12.21.08

Type: HK
Game ID: 1023566
User Name: Witty
Points: 384
Combination: Three Great Scholars - 64
After FaanLaak Table - 64

Comments: Pretty good combination, using all dragons which is very impressive. This is the first Best Hand of Week for player Witty. Our congratulations and we wish you best of luck in the future.

Type: CO
Game ID: 1024845
User Name: orchidh
Points: 141
Hand: b55 b444 b666 d444 d666
Combination: Middle Tiles - 24
All Pungs - 6
Two Concealed Pungs - 2
Double Pung - 2
Double Pung - 2
One Voided Suit - 1
Self drawn - 1
Flower Tiles - 1

Comments: Very good hand, we already know that orchidh is a very good player, she made very good combination and all this is thanks to her knowledge of rules and scoring. Best of luck in winning the Best Hands of the Month!

Type: RCR
Game ID: 1019431
User Name: bettysun43
Points: 41000
Hand: b19 c199 d19 DG DR DW WW WN WS WE
Combination: 13(yaku) Thirteen Orphans

Comments: This is really a great combination. Thirteen Orphans is very hard to accomplish, but we see how bettysun43 did it very nice and very professional. She has very good chance to get Best Hand of Month on RCR Style.

Type: WSoM
Game ID: 1018857
User Name: xiexienoon
Points: 315
Hand: SWSW d111 d333 d6666 d8888
Combination: Two Kong - 20
Two Concealed Triples - 5
All Triples - 30
Mixed One-Suit - 40
Final Draw - 10

Comments: Good combination, done in a great time. Xiexienoon is a very advanced player, we have seen his winning combination already for a long time . Xiexienoon our congratulations and best of luck in future mahjong games.

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