Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The best games of the week 03.02.09 - 03.08.09

Type: HK
Game ID: 1157227
User Name: sisi1226
Points: 384MS
Wall: 28
Hand: b333 b44 b777 b999 DGDGDG
Combination:64 Jade Dragon
64 After FaanLaak Table

Comments: A very nice hand, done in good time, we are glad that you could use your knowledge in Mahjong to made this pretty good combination. Our Congratulation for and success for futhure .


Type: CO
Game ID: 1161510
User Name: hk88
Points: 240MS
Wall: 34
Hand: b888 c111 c22 d444 d666
Combination: 64 Four Concealed Pungs
1 No Honors
1 Pung of Terminals or Honors
4 Fully Conceales Hand
1 Flower Tiles
1 Flower Tiles

Comments: This is very impressive how you made this hand fully concealed. This is result strong knowledge of mahjong rules and scoring. Our congratulation , hk88 !!


Type: RCR
Game ID: 1155697
User Name: winne61
Points: 41000
Wall: 38
Hand: b77 c111 c999 d111 d777
Combination: 13(yaku) Four Concealed Pungs
1(yaku) Riichi
3(han) Ura Dora

Comments: Pretty good hand , on this week in RCR Style was a lot of good combination, but not enought good like this. winne61 made very quality this combination, is not really easy to made this combination concealed. Our Congratulation for winne61.


Type: TW
Game ID: 1166409
User Name: once
Points: 34
Wall: 38
Hand: b777 b99 c44 c55 c66 d11 d33 d44
Combination: 30 Seven Pairs and a triplet
1 No Honors
2 Winning
1 Flower/Season

Comments:This is the first week when we started to choose the Best Hand of the week for the Taiwanese Style. We are glad that we already have good leaders in this style, these are: once and ubivis. They had almost the same combination but once was faster than ubivis and he had the Best Hand for the first week of the Taiwanese Style evaluations. Our Congratulations, once!

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