Thursday, June 25, 2009

The best games of the week 06.15.09 - 16.21.09

Type: HK
Game ID: 1319061
User Name: Hawke168
Points: 384MS
Wall: 15
Hand: b19 c19 d19 DG DRDR DW WE WS WW WN
Combination: 64 Thirteen Orphans

Comments: Very nice game, player Hawke168 demonstrate again that he have very good base of knowledge in Mahjong. This is not the fist time when Hawke168 made such hand. We are glad that we still have good players on our web site. Our Congratulations, Hawke168 !!!
Type: CO
Game ID: 1315639
User Name: chowman
Points: 123MS
Wall: 37
Hand: b22 b555 b888 DGDGDG WNWNWNWN
Combination: 16 Three Concealed Pungs
6 Half Flush
6 All Pungs
2 Dragon Pung
1 Meleded Kong
1 Pung of Terminals or Honors
1 Self Drawn

Comments: Well Done, Three Concealed Pungs is pretty good hand, player chowman done this hand very good. These are the results of the many hours playing in Mahjong. Our Congratulations, chowman. We wish you good luck in the future.

Type: RCR
Game ID: 1314619
User Name: chagrin
Points: 33000
Wall: 45
Hand: c222 c555 c66 c888 c999
Combination: 5(yaku) Full Flush
2(yaku) All Pungs
1(han) Red Fives

Comments: Very good hand, done in good time. Even at the beginning of the game player chagrin knew what to discard and what to keep. Very good strategy, it gave you great results. Our Congratulations, chagrin !!

Type: TW
Game ID: 1314622
User Name: mjmaniac88
Points: 45
Wall: 20
Hand: b123 b234 b456 b777 b88 b999
Combination: 40 One Suit Only
2 Winning
1 Flower/Season
1 Flower/Season
1 Flower/Season

Comments: A very impressive hand, done in a perfect time. Combination from one suit only already a lot of weeks is in our tops. This is very good combination and it gave a lot of points. Our Congratulations, mjmaniac88 !!!

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