Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Best Games of June

Type: HK
Game ID: 1333700
User Name: sdmers03
Points: 384MS
Wall: 33
Hand: b19 c19 d19 DG DR DW WE WSWS WW WN
Combination: 64 Thirteen Orphans

Comments: In HK Style there were two players with the Thirteen Orphans combination. Player Hawke168 and sdmers03, the only difference was that player sdmers03 proved to be faster in building his hand. Congratulations, sdmers03.

Type: CO
Game ID: 1310014
User Name: hk88
Points: 282MS
Wall: 33
Hand: d333 c6666 DRDRDR DGDGDG DWDW
Combination: 64 Little Three Dragons
6 All Pungs
2 Concealed Kong
2 Two Concealed Pungs
1 One Voided Suit
8 Out with replacement tile
1 Flower Tiles
1 Flower Tiles
1 Flower Tiles

Comments: The Chinese Official style proved to have a lot of nice hands. Player hk88 demonstrated his excellence by building Little Three Dragons. Congratulations hk88 and good luck in future games.

Type: RCR
Game ID: 1311770
User Name: chagrin
Points: 42000
Wall: 33
Hand: b199 c19 d19 DG DR DW WE WS WW WN
Combination: 13(yaku) Thirteen Orphans
1(han) Ura Dora

Comments: Player chagrin formed one of the best combinations you can make – Thirteen Orphans! This is a Limit Hand – and gives a maximum number of points you can get for a single combination! Congratulations, chagrin!!!

Type: TW
Game ID: 1308139
User Name: monkey415
Points: 141MS
Wall: 29
Hand: b11 b123 b456 b456 b567 b888
Combination: 40 One Suit Only
1 Out on a One-Chance Chow
2 Winning
1 Flower/Season
1 Flower/Season
1 Flower/Season
1 Self-drawn last tile

Comments: Every week proves fruitful in such hands, but what placed Monkey415 apart was an elegant self draw with a good number of tiles still left in the game. Congratulations, Monkey415!!!

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