Monday, August 03, 2009

MahjongTime introduces 'guilds' to promote playing

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We want all of the Mahjong News readers to understand that we are constantly striving to bring new promotions and activities to our site. We would want to include our opinion about our recent efforts, as we are always looking to improve our site and give mahjong players the best option for online play.

Our recent initiatives such as our Free Roll tournaments and our Guilds, are gaining popularity with our members. We have 18 current Guilds, with more being added often. Our first week of Guilds competition attracted many players. The Guilds help our players interact with each other and promote friendly competition among teams. Per player's feedback the scoring issue that is mentioned has been addressed and as of today the scores are added up after each deal.

As always, we want to make our players happy, and are willing to spend the time to make changes. In order to accommodate as many players as possible, we have offered various start times for the tournaments instead of setting times in advance that might not work right for our global player base. Our Player Services (PS) personnel are able to easily find the Scoring of all games played, as all of this data is saved by our system. For the FreeRoll qualifier tournaments, players simply need to tell PS that they wish to have a FreeRoll qualifying tournament and PS will faciliate it. Our Madness tournaments are also picking up, and we expect to have more interest in August. Again, for the Madness tournaments we shifted the entry fees to appeal to a wider range of player and offer free entries every month to our top players as a reward for player loyalty.

If you have not visited us in a while, please check out our site to see some of the recent changes that have been made. We are confident that Mahjong Time remains the best site for online mahjong play, and we work hard to make our game as exciting as possible. Coming in September we are launching a major update to the site which will create many new fun enhancements for all of our players!

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Legend333 said...

Firstly i would like to show my appreciation to mjt on the vast improvements made to the site. The guilds are gaining popularity each days and guilds teams are competing fiercely each week.

One area of enhancement which i hope mjt would look into is the scoring of the guilds. Currently, there isn't any different in points awarded for cash players and free game players in the guilds game. I would suggest awarding, eg 50% more points, for cash game players when they win as they are the "contributors" to mjt revenue in maintaining and hosting the site.

Secondly, i wished that mjt would bring forward the good news for the revised crown points rewards system which was to be announced in sept.