Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Second HK Global Mahjong Tournament Announced!

Winners of the previous event that took place on May 8th are: gideon74 from South Africa. Second place
GamblingQueen from Singapore  and third place reminator from USA . The results of this tournament have been added to
the GMT Ranking list: Click here to see the
current standings. The next event is to take place on Saturday June 12th at: (10:00 AM Pacific/US(PDT); 18:00 Europe/London; 01:00 a.m. Sunday
June 13th, in Singapore)! Register for HK GMT today!  The registration is only 100 golden coins($1). However to assure
attendance of the tournament all tournament players must register prior the event for 300 Golden Coins($3) and 200 Golden Coins are
refunded back
to their account after the successful completion of the tournament. and the first prize is 1000 golden coins, Madness Satellite
Seat, and a medal on your avatar!
Click Here
for more details

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