Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween - Compete in the Dragon Tournaments the next week and win prizes

Overview:  This is a one - week tournament. Five players who accumulate the most

Dragon Chips during the week of competition will be entitled for prizes. The Dragon Chips accumulated during the course of this tournament, also qualify for the Dragon Tournament

Tournament Duration: The Tournament will span over one week, from  November
1st 2010 (the first tournament is Red Dragon) - November 6th 2010(the last tournament is ''All Dragons).

First Place:
     one  year of VIP Membership($79.95 Value)
Second Place:
     $1,000 RCR Madness seat($67.5 Value)
Third Place:
     one year of Premium Membership($49.95 Value)
Fourth Place: 1,000 Golden Coins($10 Value) 

Fifth Place: 500 Golden Couns($5 Value) 

Restrictions: Only players who have an active subscription(VIP or Premium Mahjong Time
Membership) during the week of competition from November 1st through November 6th are eligible for the tournament prizes. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Tournament Schedule and entry fees



Start Time

Start Time

Start Time

Entry(Dragon Chips)



Nov 1st

*Time Option 1

**Time Option 2

***Time Option 3




Nov 3d

*Time Option 1

**Time Option 2

***Time Option 3




Nov 4th

*Time Option 1

**Time Option 2

***Time Option 3



All Dragons

Nov 6th

6:30 AM (Pacific Time



 You can play in any of the three time options available:

*Time option 1 - 5:00 AM Pacific/US(PDT); 13:00
Europe/London; 20:00 in Singapore. Click here to view an example of the time option 1

**Time option 2 - 10 :30 AM Pacific/US(PDT); 18:30
Europe/London; 1:30 in Singapore. Click here to view an example of the time option 2

***Time option 3 - 20:00 PM Pacific/US(PDT); 4:00
Europe/London; 11:00 in Singapore. Click here to view an example of the time option 3

You may cancel your entry into the
tournament and receive a refund of your entry fee as long as you cancel at least 6 minutes prior to the beginning of seating for the tournament, which is usually 15 minutes before the start of
the tournament.

Number of rounds depends on the number of players that sign up for the tournaments in the schedule above.

4 Players - One 40 min round.

8 Players - One elimination round and 4 players who accumulate the most points(score) proceed to the 4 player final.

12 or more players - One preliminary round, then and an 8 player elimination round and a 4 player final round.

32 or more players - One preliminary round, then a 12 player elimination round, then an 8 player elimination round and a 4 player final round.

Each round consists of 40 min. of play.
Table Details: 

Game Helper: Yes

Timeto discard: 8 sec.

RCR -Min points: 1 yaku ; Flowers: No

MCR -Min points: 8 ; Flowers: Yes

HK -Min points: 8 ; Flowers: Yes

AM -Min points: 0 ; Flowers: Yes

EC -Min points: 0 ; Flowers: No

TW -Min points: 6 ; Flowers: Yes


The 3 best scorers at the final round win the dragon chips that are at stake.

1st place - 50%

2nd place - 35%

3rd place - 15%

Please note that winnings are raked:

VIP members - 0% Rake

Premium - 5% Rake

Free Players - 15% Rake(Free players are not eligible for this tournament prizes)


At the end of each round, players that have the best scores at their tables move to the next round.
If two  (or more) players tie for a position, the player that won more hands in the game will be ranked higher. In the unlikely event that two players are tied in both scores AND hands won, the player
that has a higher belt will be ranked higher.
Qualifying Dragon Chips

1. The Dragon Chips won at Dragon Tournaments (White Dragon; Green Dragon; Red Dragon and All Dragons) during the tournament’s duration (from November 1st untill November 6th 2010)
qualify for the tournament prizes


Tournament administrators shall be contactable via
All complaints will be filed and saved. Tournament administrators reserve the final right to every decision including, without limitation, the decision to disqualify any participant due to
complaints. Participants must strictly adhere to all game play guidelines or risk the possibility of disqualification. Participants are required to file all questions, comments, disputes, no-show
claims, schedule conflicts, or other Tournament related issues through the Website with the appropriate subject. Be sure to explain your situation thoroughly and include any details necessary to
assist the Tournament administrator in making a decision. Administrators, in their sole discretion, reserve the right to change the score of a Tournament match. This decision could be made based
on administrator's judgment that the game reported the result incorrectly or the participants tampered with the game software or hardware to manipulate the reported score.

Mahjong Time reserves the right to alter the rules and make final decisions
on all tournament related issues as they arise, and at our sole discretion.

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