Monday, January 24, 2011

Guild Play Improvements coming soon

It has been more than one year and a half since we introduced Mahjong Time Guilds. The guild play has became pretty popular, but unfortunately, we have not been able to improve  the team play much since then. Now, we have collected enough feedback to get ready to improve a few aspects of the guild play, and before we go into the development we would like to share our thoughts with you:

Guild Score Design(Guilds tab) 
One of the major changes that we are going to implement with this update is how the guild score will be calculated. 

The score which will be taken into account to announce the wining guild is going to be the Total Score. The Total Score will take into account your Game Score(the points earn in a particular game) and the Dragon Chips bet at that table.  

This is how the Total Score will be calculated:
For HK, MCR, AM, EC, TW:
Dragon Chip Winnings*Game Score/100,000

For RCR:
Dragon Chip Winnings*Game Score/10,000,000 
Note: The Dragon Chips you win will be raked and then the Total Score will be calculated.
VIP - 0% Rake
Premium - 5% Rake
Free - 15 % Rake

VIP Member
Dragon Chip Winnings = 400 DC - 0(0% Rake)
Game Score = 124
Total Score = Dragon Chip Winnings * Game Score/100,000;  400*124/ 100,000 = 0.496
Premium Member
Dragon Chip Winnings = 400 DC - 20(5% Rake)
Game Score = 124
Total Score = Dragon Chip Winnings * Game Score/100,000; 380*124/ 100,000 = 0.471
Free Player
Dragon Chip Winning = 340 DC -60(15% Rake)
Game Score = 124
Total Score = Dragon Chip Winnings * Game Score/100,000; 340*124/ 100,000 = 0.421

And this is how the Guild info window will look like:

Guild Chat 
In the Guild Info window we are going to place a “Chat History” visible only to members of this guild. The Guild Chat itself will be located on the right bottom corner where the Public Chat and Game Chat are.

The Guild Prize is going to be calculated against the Total Prize Pool of 500,000 Dragon Chips, and it will  depend on the number of active guilds in the entire competition:

The Guild will be considered active if they achieve at least 25% of the average of the total score of guild winners for the last 4 weeks period.

First Week - 47,920 (Total Score)
Second Week - 45,684 (Total Score)
Third Week - 42,024 (Total Score)
Fourth Week - 46,228 (Total Score)
Average Total Score = 45,464 
25% of the average = 11,366
A HK Guild becomes active when its score becomes equal or greater than: 11,366
Based on the data from Dec. 24th, 2010 we have two active HK Guilds

First Week - 22,815
Second Week - 16,271
Third Week - 17,847
Fourth Week - 19,131
Average score  = 19,016
25% of the average = 4,754
Based on the data from Dec. 24th,  2010 we have six active MCR Guilds

First Week - 24,610
Second Week - 21,340
Third Week - 17,620
Fourth Week- 20,180
Average score = 20,937.5
25% of the average  = 5,234.3
Based on the data from Dec. 24th, 2010 we have six active AM Guilds

First Week - 4,677,731
Second Week- 5,006,096
Third Week - 5,540,378
Fourth Week - 12,679,469
Average score = 6,975,918.5
25% of the average  = 1,743,979.5
Based on the data from Dec. 24th, 2010we have two active RCR Guilds

First Week - 130,430
Second Week - 74,028
Third Week - 96,822
Fourth Week - 125,896
Average score = 106,794
25% of the average  = 26,698.5
Based on the data from Dec. 24th, 2010 we have three active EC Guilds

First Week - 22,974
Second Week - 19,921
Third Week - 17,597
Fourth Week - 15,813
Average score = 19,076.25
25% of the average = 4,769.1
Based on the data from Dec. 24th, 2010 we have two active TW Guilds

We have a total of 21 active guilds which is 100%
The Prize Pool of 500,000 DC will be distributed as follows:
21 active guilds - 100% of the Prize Pool
As we had 2 active HK guilds, the winning HK Guild  will receive 9.52% of the prize pool. 

And the entire distribution of the prize pool among Guilds would be:
Winning HK Guild- 9.52% - 3,966 DC per member  (9.52% of 500000 DC = 47600 DC )
Six MCR Guilds- 28.57%   - 11904 DC per member (28.57% of 500000 = 142850 DC)
Six AM Guilds- 28.57% - 11904 DC per member (28.57% of 500000 = 142850 DC)
Two RCR Guilds–  9.52% - 3966 DC per member (9.52% of 500000 DC = 47600 DC)
Three EC Guilds- 14.28% - 5950 DC per member (14.28% of 500000 = 71400 DC)
Two TW Guilds- 9.52% - 3966 DC per member (9.52% of 500000 DC = 47600 DC)

Guild Prize = Number of active Guilds in the specific style * 100 / Total Number of active Guilds
Prize for the each Member of the winning Guild = Prize of the Guild / Number of Members

The automatic distribution of the prizes will be made as follows:
Winning guild members - Dragon Chips + Medal on player's avatar
The most active member of the winning guild -  Dragon Chips + 300 Golden Coins + Medal + Guild Leadrship
Non-active member of the winning guild - 0 and no medal

Guild Leadership
The guild leader will became the player who has accumulated the most total score points, and in case  the guilds most active player refuses to be the guild leader the next player who accumulated the most points will be offered guild leadership, and so on


Anonymous said...

similar to a company's absenteeism policy, guild members might need time away, so how about having 16 members in a guild and accumulate only top 12 players' points every week?

Anonymous said...

Comment 1: it is getting too complicated. it took the relaxation and the fun away.

Comment 2: many guild members joined the guild because they don’t want to be the guild leader or being moved in and out of the guild leader title. they just want to have some extra fun and reward when they deserve. with the new sys. plan, it may turn the current guild members away from it.

tarabarsky said...

The guild leader's shift is really a bad idea. You will be lost in the micromanagement of this issue. The leader (manager) of the guild and the best player of the guild are two different types of people. Why do you propose this change? What was wrong with it?

And I have not quite got the idea of distribution of DCs. Only winning guild will receive DCs or all active guilds?

ChuV said...

Glad you're doing so many interesting things here, but incomprehensible to many of your innovations
This is especially true change of leadership in the guild, it turns out that a completely random person, like a novice in the guild will be able to win more than anyone to become a leader and he will destroy everything that we have created anddone for a long time.
It's not fair to the creator of the guild.
It is not clear to me and how often will change the guild leader? Every week? It's more like anarchy ...

Slava Novozhenya said...

Absenteeism Policy - As we still have a relatively small number of active guilds, we haven't thought to increase the number of players in guilds. Perhaps we could calculate the top 10 scores out of 12 players?

Guild Leadership - Many of the current guilds have leaders not even showing up at the site for months...and I am not even talking about the leaders that fail to recruit members. Thus, we believe that there must be a mechanism in place to change the leader of a guild. Perhaps voting could be a better idea?

Distribution of Dragon Chips - Only one guild in a style wins Dragon Chips, just like it is right now. But the number of DCs is calculated against the pot of 500,000 per week. And in order to calculate this right we have to know how many guilds are in fact competing(active). This is a way to calculate how tense was the competition. For example: it is probably harder to win the competition when there are six active guilds than when there are only two, and it would also be unfair to earn the same amount of the chips?

once said...

I also object the guild leader to be changed as & when a person score the highest. No one like to be leader as the role as a leader is to manage and not totally involved in chasing the guild.

Like myself, I am here to monitor my team runs well, those who did not perform, I have to be the bad guy to nag at them.

If MJT will have to base on highest scorer be the leader, then then whole setting will be very messy, today A is leader, next week B, then C, D, E and so on, then no way one will focus on managing the whole team.

I suggest the changing of guild leader idea can be removed from plan.

Anonymous said...

Great to see development is making some desirable changes in guilding fun. I really like the total score feature as this will promote more quality play. If I understand it correctly, the winner benefits more. Curious if there may be a mechanism to reward 2nd place who is in the positive pts. as well. Like in the tournaments. This will also help with players leaving the game before it's over. More realistic and again promoting more quality gaming.

Regarding the dragon chips betting- am questioning this type of leverage as it may encourage reckless betting. For example 10K for a quickie hand and tables like that.

Nice practical idea on the private guild chat. Lastly, I agree that it would become messy to possibly have different leaders week to week. I think if a guild leader is not active, the team should be inactive. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

MJT..what took you so long??!!It is definitely time for these changes! I agree, the total score feature will definitely promote more quality play. It will be more fairly weighted. As for the DC betting, can there be a cap imposed? This will prevent players from creating outrageous table minimums?
One request though...wondering if something can be done with players leaving in the middle of a game? Would it be feasible to have a penalty for their actions (i.e.double the DC?)This will enforce all players to remain in a game as the momentum of the game changes dramatically once a live player leaves.

And...Love the idea of a private guild chat!!!! This will totally increase team spirit and add more fun and social factor to MJT!
As for the rotating guild team leader, I agree with all the above comments. This will become extremely messy and could possibly instill negative team spirit among the guild members. If there is a guild leader chosen, then it should only be up to the guild members to put it up for a vote should they decide on removing one player from that seat.

Thank you.

Slava Novozhenya said...

Guild Leader - Agreed. Although, we still need a mechanism for members of a guild to change their leader. And monthly voting could solve the problem?

Cap on Dragon Chip betting - It is a good point, which is not hard to implement. Perhaps 10,000 DC max?

Players leaving in the middle of a game - Yeah. this is not nice and there is a possibility to penalize for such actions. We could deduct a 'flat fee' from the 'Total Score' of a guild if their members do not play till the end of the game.

Reward Second Place - We do not have an easy way of implementing this for the current update, but it is definitely something that we will consider to update after this release.

acadela said...

1. i agree that a lot of players are leaving in the middle of the game when they r losing, BUT before penalizing them the site should work much much better. i've lost a lot of games cause i got disconnected. so, if u could make a difference between leaving on purpose and leaving because of ur lagging/freezing/disconnecting system, is more than ok to penalize them.
2. if there r guilds with an inactive leader, the other players could leave the guild if they would want to and join other guilds. why do u have to mix in the guilds intern management? there r already 12 players with their own brains in almost every guild.
3. i still didnt understood if, in case that in spite of all critics u will still introduce the changing leader, that player refuse to become the leader and concede the leadership, who will get the reward?
4. which is the exact purpose of the Chat guild?
5. im not gonna say again 'how about interdicting the game between members of the same guild'...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Changing the Guild Leader every week is anarchy. The Leader is the persona of the guild. Members, most of the time, choose to be with a guild because of the leader, they have the ability to move to another guild if they want.

Distribution of chips: from your example.. seems like it's not worth the effort to play so much and then eventually just winning less than 4k DC (TW). Specially now that the minimum buy in has been increased.

Additional Suggestion: If possible to limit limit the number of players from One Guild sitting on the SAME table. This is to prevent "temptations" of tampering with the games' outcome, specially now that there is "private guild chat". Maximum of 3 players from the same guild so that at least one outsider sits on the table.

Yes, i agree with rewarding 2nd place.. competition such as in TW is very intense. Disheartening to play so hard then to come in second and get nothing.


Anonymous said...

Need to split my comment since it is too long. :)


I honestly think you are overcomplicating things. Sometimes change isn't good. It appears to me that MJT continues to make changes in an attempt to get more players to pay them. How many remember that free players used to have rankings (yes they reset monthly but it was still interesting)? How many remember that you could create 2 round games for way less than 1000DC? You continue to strip away any benefit a free player has. How are they supposed to enjoy this site? Are we saying that free players should only be able to play one 2 round game a day? Yeah, I don't think they will be eager to join this site after experiencing this unfortunate reality. Is MJT just a money grab site now? With all due respect, I understand that it costs money to run this site, but that doesn't mean you should be stripping any benefit and fun a free member should experience.

Regarding this recent suggestion to change the guild points calculation and payment structure, change of leadership, etc. I concur with many of the comments above regarding changing the leader to the highest points individual. This is not the right move. Many are in positions of leadership because of specific attributes that the team members recognize and respect. The leader's role is to provide a positive example to his team, to mediate any issues between teammates, to deal with underperforming individuals. This person is not always (and i would say rarely is) the leading point earner. As discussed by many above, this should not be implemented.

Regarding the score changes. I don't think it makes sense. If you want to enter a larger table, that is your option. You will be rewarded if you win. Why should these high betting individuals be granted more guild points? What is the rationale behind that? The game is the same. Why should you get 10 times more guild points because you played a game with an entry fee that is 10 times what i played? Your reward is in the chips you earned and does not translate to guild points effectively. The current method in which guild points are assigned is fair and should not change. Again, what it appears to be happening is that MJT wants people to bet more and that requires a lot of chips, which in turn forces people to pay more to get them. The guild points you earn in any game (100, 1000 or 10000 entry fee) should be the same. People could win the exact same hands, but because one person played higher stakes, they get a multiplier?! Not a good move in my opinion and I believe someone above made a comment on reckless betting. Perhaps this is a move to make folks bet recklessly and therefore lose chips quicker. What would that cause? You guessed it. Having to pay mahjongtime more money to get more.

So what else is there? Oh, the rake? What is thre real purpose of this? Again, is it an incentive mechanism for people to pay the site? I don't see how this should play a factor in the calculation of the guild points either. Yes, you can subtract DC from a free player as encouragement to join the site, but why should it impact the guild points. These recent improvements you are planning seem to suggest that all guild players must be VIP members of the site.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of my comment.


On to the Guild Chat. I really like this idea. I assume this is a mechanism where broadcast messages can be sent to the team. This is a good move and I believe seems to make logical sense. Having to copy and paste messages to all team members is not an effective way to have team discussions.

Lastly, the prizes. Sadly I don't agree with this either. I'm sure everyone knows the saying "if it ain't broke, then don't fix it". This is how I feel about it. Why complicate it with this arbitrary assessment of the level of competition. I have seen some very intense competition in the RCR and TW guild. There are 2 or 3 very active teams in each one and to penalize them because there are 6 active in another genre of MJ doesn't make sense. As an example, each week I see fierce competition in RCR and TW. Let's say there are only 2 "active" teams in each one. Let us say that there are 6 HK guilds that are very close in score. These 6 HK guilds may be playing haphazardly and may be close in score, in spite of them not really trying hard. Under the current method, those guils are considered active. So if a genre of MJ guild competition is somewhat dormat, then everyone in that genre is likely to be considered active and reduces the allocation to the TW and RCR guilds that are truly playing their hearts out. So what I am saying is the plan to have other MJ guilds affecting the one you are in does not make sense. Leave it the way it is. I don't know if I agree about prizes for second place. I like the winner gets all method as that increases the competition, which is what I think the site wants. Maybe there is a mechanism where the site creates an expected baseline for points of what an active guild should achieve. If a guild reaches it, then they get some form of recognition in terms of DCs for creating the competition. But the highest point getter should still get all the winnings.

Thank you for allowing me to share my input. I hope it is valued by this site and its members.


Anonymous said...

I'm really confused about all these changes being made. I still dont see how the betting affects the scoring. How is that quality over quantity? So if you don't have that much chips to play on those high stakes tables... that means you wont be able to contribute much to your team... i guess this is like forcing everyone to be a VIP player or whatever. So i totally agree with "R" (previous blogger) that this site is doing all these changes to make more money.

changing the guild leader is not a good idea. again, i don't see why it is necessary to do that.

the site should do something about players leaving the table when they're losing or whatever (then you see them on another table-- this shouldn't be allowed) that should be the main goal for now since these guild playing changes aren't necessary... why fix it if it ain't broke *lol* and i don't see how people are getting excited about all these changes that don't make sense to me when there are obviously a lot more that needs fixing.

I don't agree with the "rewarding second place" comment. It is more exciting to just keep it the way it is.. winner takes all!!!

oh yeah, whatever happened to free players being able to create tables? i think you should give that privilege back as well as the monthly rankings...ranking is so fake now because it is not based on how good the player is.. it is all about MONEY nowadays.

thanks for taking the time to read my comments!