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MCR Marathon 2019 Rules and Regulations

MCR stands for Mahjong Competition Rules also known as CO or Chinese official rules.

Mahjong Marathon is a one-year-long competition divided into five seasons.
More than 1,000 players from 39 countries participated in Mahjong Marathon 2018. Mahjong Marathon is brought to you by Mahjong Time in conjunction with Russian Mahjong Federation.

Starting and Ending Dates of each MCR Marathon 2019 Season

Season 1:February 15th - April 14th, 2019
Season 2:April 15th - June 14th, 2019
Season 3:June 15th - August 14th, 2019
Season 4:August 15th - October 14th, 2019
Season 5:October 15th - December 14th, 2019

Server Time Zone: Pacific Time; Offset: UTC: -8:00/-7:00

Tournament Prizes

For the Winners of the One-Year-Long Competition:
First Place - One Year of VIP or Trophy, and Medal on the avatar
Second Place - One Year of VIP or Trophy, and Medal on the avatar
Third Place - One Year of VIP or Trophy, and Medal on the avatar

For Winners of Each Marathon Season:
First Place - One Year of VIP Membership or 10,000 Gold Coins, and Medal on the avatar
Second Place - One Year of VIP Membership or 10,000 Gold Coins, and Medal on the avatar
Third Place - One Year of VIP Membership or 10,000 Gold Coins, and Medal on the avatar

Additional Prize:
2019 will have a total of $100 for each marathon season for each Mahjong style. This prize will be awarded to the first-place winner of each season as long as at least a week before the end of the season first-place winner posts a screenshot or a video and comment for at least two of his/her marathon games of the marathon season to any of the major social media networks. 

If the season first-place winner doesn't qualify for this additional prize, the next qualifying player down the ranking of the marathon will receive the prize. Thus, even if you do not win the first place in the tournament, you could still receive this additional prize.

Special thanks to the Russian Mahjong Federation that started the Marathon.

Prizes for the Russian team; For Winners of each Marathon Season:
First Place - 300 Gold Coins
Second Place - 200 Gold Coins
Third Place - 100 Gold Coins

For the winners of the year-long competition:
First Place - VIP Yearly, Medal on the avatar
Second Place - Premium, Medal on the avatar
Third Place - Premium, Medal on the avatar

Registration & Check-in

There is no need to pre-register for this tournament as this tournament starts as soon as four players are present at the table.

Marathon Table Details

Table Name:Marathon - Season 1
Entry Fee:1500 Dragon Chips
Show Game Helper:No
Wait for Reconnect:No
Move Time:8 sec
Game Timer:100 minutes
Table minimum points:8
Player minimum belt:White Belt 


a. Winner of the Season:
The winners of each table convert their table scores to Table Points(TP):

First Place - 4 TP
Second Place -2 TP
Third Place -1 TP
Fourth Place -0 TP

Score = (Average TP + Average TP Best 10 Games)/2

Average TP - the average table points accumulated during the Season.
Average TP Best 10 Games - the average table points of player's highest scores during 10 consecutive games.

Rank = 1000*(N-P)/(N-1)

N - the numbers of players with a minimum of 4 games in the marathon
P - players position in the marathon

b. Winner of the MCR Marathon 2016
The ultimate winner of the marathon is the player who scores the most Rank Points of his/her best 4 seasons out of 5 seasons total.


When two or more players tie for a position, the player with the highest sum of scores of the player's best ten consecutive games is ranked higher. In the unlikely event that two or more players tie in both Score and the sum of table scores of player's best ten consecutive games, the player that has more games played in the marathon ranks higher in the Marathon results.
When two or more players tie for table points, the player that has won more hand during the game is ranked higher.  In the unlikely event when two or more players tie in both score and hands won, the table points are split equally.

Game Disqualification

At a table in which one or more player is absent for 100 or more moves is automatically disqualified and the entry fees are returned to the remaining players.

Player Disqualification

a. Temporary Suspension
The participants of the tournament receive up to two temporary 72-hour  suspensions from entering the Marathon games when the marathon players are absent from their tables for more than 100 moves during the first two rounds of the tournament match.

b. Permanent Disqualification
The participants of the competition are permanently excluded from entering the Marathon games for the whole season dues to their absence in the marathon for the third time.

Important Note: the Maraton is supported only on EON Desktop and Flash.

The Terms and Conditions of the MahjongTime account agreement apply. 

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