Tuesday, December 14, 2021

MCR Mahjong White Dragon Tournament

MCR Mahjong White Dragon Tournament

Entry: 5,000 chips

Time: 10:00 AM

Schedule: Every day from December 15th, 2021 until Feb 16th, 2022

This is an elimination type of tournament. If there are more than 12 registered players, there will be 3 laps of 90 minutes each with 10 minutes of break between them:

One preliminary round, then an 8-player elimination round, and a 4-player final round.

The 3 best scorers at the final round win the dragon chips that are at stake:

1st place - 50%

2nd place - 35%

3rd place - 15%

Additional prize to the Premium or VIP winner: 500 Golden Coins.

Weekly Competition:

Players who accumulate more dragon chips playing in White Dragon Tournaments win the weekly competition.

Weekly Prizes:

1.       $30

2.       2,000 Golden Coins

3.       10,000 Dragon Chips

Please also note that dragon chip winnings are raked:

VIP members - 0% Rake

Premium - 5% Rake

Free Players - 20% Rake

Table Details

Table Name:MCR-White Dragon
Entry Fee:5,000 Dragon Chips
Show Game Helper:No
Wait for Reconnect:No
Lap Times:90 Min
Move Time:8 sec
Game Timer:90 minutes
Table minimum points:8
Player minimum belt:White Belt

The Tournament is played by the corresponding rules. See the game info section of this website for a detailed description of the rules: Read More
The Terms and Conditions of the MahjongTime account agreement apply. 

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