Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Best Games of the Week 06.02.08 - 06.08.08

Type: HK
ID: 818068
Points: 256
Winner: jindu
Combination: One suit and honors -3; Pung Hand - 3; Pung of Dragons - 1; Kong of Dragons - 1; Kong of the Wind of the Round - 1
Comment: It is rare to see a game played this well! All of the players at the table were ready to mahjong, but only Player jindu was the lucky winner. It was an excellent game!

Type: CO
Points: 822858
Points: 52
Winner: pinpin
Combinations: Greater Honors and Knitted Tiles - 24; Flowers - 4
Comment: A very nice and interesting game that featured a rare combination that has never before been completed. The game was very intriguing, and congratulations to Player pinpin for a job well done.

Type: JM
ID: 819916
Points: 18000
Winner: june960
Combinations: Triple Run - 2; Reach - 1; Dora Tiles - 2; Ura Dora; Bonus - 1
Comment: A good game, each player was presented with interesting combinations that might have given them more points. But luck was with Player june960, who collected his combinations faster than the others and ended up the winner!

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