Friday, June 06, 2008

Best Games of the week 05.26.08 - 06.01.08

Type: HK
ID: 814770
Points: 256
Winner: reforder
Combination: Jade Dragon - 64; No Flowers or Seasons - 1
Comment: This game really showcases our player's competitive spirit! Player emi999 was playing very well and was nearly read to declare Mahjong, but was giving away tiles and delaying the "big moment". Finally, the time was right to throw the winning tile! Player Reforder was really waiting for 1bamboo. Bravo to both players!!

Type: CO
Points: 814955
Points: 55
Winner: pinpin
Combinations: Seven Pairs - 24; All Types - 6
Comment: Comment: It's always difficult to make a Mahjong during the beginning of a game, but with luck and skill it can be accomplished! Player pinpin's Mahjong came in the middle of the Wall. Nice work pinpin!

Type: JM
ID: 812125
Points: 24000
Winner: bettysun43
Combinations: All Sets - 2 hans; Colors - 1; Dora Tiles - 7
Comment: A very good game, however not the kind of that results in many points from big combinations. This game matched three very experienced players and the winner had a lucky break, because two of them declared "Ready" and just one tile was on a step of tiles. And it's amazing that the bonus for dora is 7 hans, WOW!! A very interesting game, bettysun43

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